Biden: After the bomb exploded, the United States will assist the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Joe Biden News

He made the above remarks during a joint press conference with the President of South Korea after the first meeting at the White House.

US President Biden said that he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Palestinians in Jerusalem must be respected and humanitarian assistance must be provided to Gaza. Ceasefire Reached an agreement with Hamas.

Biden told Netanyahu: “It is vital that the Palestinians in the West Bank must be safe.” When they talk May 20.

Biden said that the United States “persisted on treating Israeli citizens equally, regardless of whether they are Arabs or Jews.”

Biden told Netanyahu: “The “interethnic fighting” in Jerusalem must be ended.”

Biden told Netanyahu that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas must “be recognized as the leader of the Palestinian people, and he is”.

The US President’s speech was delivered at a joint press conference held by the White House and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. At that press conference, the two countries pledged to cooperate and engage in constructive contact with North Korea. Biden’s comments are the most specific of his messages to Netanyahu in the latest conflict.

Biden praised the Israeli Prime Minister for keeping his promise to fulfill the ceasefire agreement between Egypt and Hamas. The President of the United States emphasized, “My commitment to Israel’s security has not changed. Period. No change, no change at all.”

Biden said that his government will “rebuild a big plan with other countries that share our views that were destroyed in Gaza,” and will not “give Hamas an opportunity to rebuild its weapons system.”

Diplomatic contacts with North Korea

Biden and South Korea’s Moon said respectively that the United States and South Korea will seek diplomatic contacts with North Korea to restrict their nuclear weapons programs.

Biden said at a joint media conference with Moon: “Our two countries are willing to engage in diplomatic contact with North Korea (North Korea) and take pragmatic measures that will reduce tensions, as we are moving towards the realization of a free Korean Peninsula. The ultimate goal of nuclearization is moving forward.” In Washington.

Biden said he appointed Sung Kim, acting US ambassador to Indonesia, as the US special envoy to Pyongyang.

Biden administration officials have been reviewing U.S. policy on North Korea’s nuclear program.Moon once said that he will use this visit Advocate that the U.S. seek participation With North Korea.

Biden said: “We have no illusions about how difficult this is.” “The goal is a very difficult goal.”

On May 21, 2021, President Joe Biden and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea participate in an expanded bilateral meeting at the White House in Washington, DC [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

North Korea rejects unilateral disarmament, and there is no sign that North Korea is willing to go beyond broad support for the concept of universal denuclearization.

Biden and Moon greeted each other and seemed to have a good time together on Friday.

“President Moon and I and our team had a very good meeting in a private meeting to discuss our common agenda. My staff kept attending the meeting and said,’You have a while. You are in time. Biden said.

“I enjoyed our meeting very much, which allowed us to move everything back to the original place. I look forward to continuing our discussion here today.” Biden told reporters at the White House.

Moon and Biden awarded the Medal of Honor to the 94-year-old Korean War veteran Ralph Puckett (Ralph Puckett). He fought bravely on a strategic hill in 1950. He fought bravely. He fought the Chinese army in North Korea.

At the Medal of Honor award ceremony held at the White House, Moon Jae-in of South Korea and President Joe Biden took a group photo with Colonel Ralph Puckett, a veteran of the Korean War [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

From 1950 to 1953, the United States fought North Korean and Chinese troops on the Korean Peninsula and continued to maintain 28,000 soldiers in the area.

Moon’s visit is the first time that a foreign leader has participated in the Medal of Honor ceremony, which Biden said is a proof of the strength of the US-South Korea alliance.

Moon said that Pukit is a model of the strength of the alliance, which he called “the key to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and beyond.”

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