What did Doc Rivers bring to the 76ers this year?His players weigh

Danny Green’s entire career has been dealing with the team of coach Doc Rivers. His rookie season was 2009-10. This season ended with seven tough games between Rivers’ Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Once his Spurs began to deal with the Robe City Clippers, He is more familiar with Rivers. Green will not spend the hard and gruesome 2019-20 season in Philadelphia. This is only his first year with the current head coach, but the experienced team believes his advantages are obvious.

“It’s just to challenge the players who came before him, but also to challenge the new players, but they try to change the atmosphere, change the environment, have the mentality of winning, and change the habits of people who have had bad experiences. Habits before we get here. “Green said after practice on Wednesday. “THe came in and tried to implement, change, adapt and adjust things, which helped us a lot. “

Accountability is a sports buzzword that everyone likes, but it is as fickle as anything else in the NBA. The 76ers thought they needed them last offseason, so they found an hirer. He left his previous job and left many reports about his problems, which made the star players in Los Angeles take responsibility. Gone are the days when the sideline tyrant coach ruled with an iron fist. Winning the player’s promise requires nuance, communication skills, and knowing when and how to press certain buttons.

When Rivers led the Celtics to a championship in 2008, it began with a simple word: “Ubuntu”, which roughly translates to: “I am because we are.” Those Celtics, a The three stars gathered together in an offseason to achieve a personal achievement they had never had before, and the team accepted the concept that Rivers asked Boston’s rookies to explain to the team in the preseason.

These 76ers have no slogan and no slogan for team building-they can compete in the weight room after the game to win outside the “big energy chain”-but they appreciate the ability of Rivers to set a hierarchy. Nevertheless, they encourage groups. basketball. If Embiid is struggling in the position, Rivers’ requirements for spacing (or even more) are just as important as Embiid’s response to stress. Sometimes it can play a role in protecting his star players and transfer criticism to the complaints of the entire team, but this approach is appreciated by the full roster, even those who admit that it is difficult to be so proud on one page. The same is true for men.

Furkan Korkmaz said: “I think he has made it clear to everyone, what our role is, you know, what is the expectations of the players, he didn’t ask too much.” “He just asked everyone what we should do Do it, and then bring it to court. I think he made it clear at the beginning of the season… As players, it’s hard for us to complain because we complain about everything. Our role, why didn’t I shoot it again, and why Not pick and roll for me, but I think he set the tone at the beginning of the season, and then everyone is happy for their role.”

When the pieces slide clearly into place, remember that it is easier to establish the pecking sequence. Last year’s roster was a mess of moving parts, which is difficult for anyone to understand. Al Horford is both a starting power forward and Embiid’s main reserve player. This appointment sets him against Embiid and Tobias Harris . Josh Richardson is a two guard in position, but in practice he is usually a point guard and is not qualified to play the level they need to make the team work. There are effective matches buried in the shipwreck, but by the end of the season, it is difficult to find people interested in maintaining enough interest to make these combinations work properly.

Whether you think it is due to the honor the Rivers won or the product of better roster management, the important thing is that the players think he has made a difference. Joel Embiid (Joel Embiid) has repeatedly wanted to meet or exceed his head coach’s expectations of him a year ago. You or I don’t have to think that Rivers is the stronger Oz, his voice plays an important role in the locker room. Hiring the river first made everyone happy, which helped achieve the simple (but significant) goal of keeping Embiid in top condition all night.

Like any year in Philadelphia, traps off the court are easy to spot. The biggest move was never realized: Philadelphia’s pursuit of all-around guard James Harden had an impact deep enough that players involved in the talks were warned that they might take action. These situations are very subtle, and depending on the player and the situation, it may be difficult to back down. Look at John Wall. He looks like a life-saving straw for Washington. He didn’t ask for the deal to continue until the Wizards were in trade talks with the Rockets, and later accused Washington of lying to him on the trust of the brain.

Green believes that Rivers is such a person and he can make this situation easier to manage because he has been in all aspects of the equation, his life as an NBA player, coach and decision maker.

“Some of the things he saw behind the scenes did not happen in terms of trades, trade deadlines, players, the locker room. He can, from the player’s point of view and the coach’s point of view, he can share this. Needs What happened, what happened, and how to adjust, adapt and fix it,” Green said. “We need to unite together what happened and what is needed… to hear him talk about his experience, Sam Cassel, and some of his stories [are] Unbelievable, keep telling stories. It provides us with insights into how they adapt, and then they can establish a little connection with us. It helps us understand certain things and what they want from us, what they want from us. “

The strange thing about this season is that improvements have already arrived, and maybe the 76ers didn’t think of them. Last year’s team claimed to be the defensive first team. Although Green has always been one of the smartest team defenders in the league, in order to promote offensive growth, the relegation from Richardson to Seth Curry was accepted. . In fact, one of Rivers’ biggest selling points is his knack for mastering the top 10 offenses. The 76ers do look better and have implemented more types of games, but they are still hovering in the offense.

National defense has always been their calling card, and Rivers has always been happy to praise coordinator Dan Burke. Both players got clues from long-time NBA coach Dick Harter. Rivers called their partnership “seamless.” They managed to maintain elite rim protection with Embiid while challenging him. The big men show a higher level and put pressure on different selected teams to roll out reports. Like other national teams, the 76ers still showed a lot of lost coverage during the longer games of the regular season, but they mixed up and even won with concepts that run counter to their background, such as winning the game in Indiana. District 2-3 this year.

Hey, a little fascinating person has never hurt anyone. The name of Rivers is related to the collapse and the failure of Los Angeles to meet expectations, but this is not the case. He has the opportunity to write a new chapter in the 76ers legend, and for the young players in the team, this is his ability. were able After a season as the head coach of Rivers, it resonated with them.

“Doc Rivers is just a well-known name. When it becomes a winner and has a team with a very strong culture, it is a household name. He has coached many great players and this is reflected in his handling of some of the things we have The ability of a star. Even I am like a role player, he has done a good job in coaching across the board.” Matisse Thybulle said on Wednesday. “He is one of them, which really leaves a deep impression on people, but he has the ability to carry out difficult conversations and walk to those uncomfortable places, so that the team and individuals can achieve real success no matter where they are. Place, this is really impressive.”

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