What are they talking about: Are the Hawks ignored? Can Jalen Hurts maintain QB1’s work beyond 2021?

What are they talking about: Are the Hawks ignored? Can Jalen Hurts maintain QB1’s work beyond 2021?



At present, the Eagles are in an unusual offseason schedule after a modification. The team has assembled in South Philadelphia for light drills and field work, and conducted serious study and training camp preparations in July. There is no mandatory mini Training Camp.

As a result, members of the team can use and have been chatting with members of the media, which has aroused heated discussion about “Little Bird”-but not nearly as good as Jimmy Kempski can write practice notes every day.

Therefore, despite our nostalgia for different times, when spring football is more accessible and the storyline is richer and broader, fans, reporters and players are all discussing how to set the game for the upcoming season and beyond. Expectations.

Good value for money, Our friends are in a bleeding green country The Eagles ranked 27th in the extremely early NFL power rankings.Brandon Lee Gordon says “Philadelphia may be better than expected.”

Is it really? Here, we will launch the latest version of “Their Evaluation of the Eagles:”

“No one likes us, we don’t care”

Ed Barkowitz | Philadelphia Enquirer

It is almost possible to compare the 2021 Eagles with the 2017 Eagles. A large part of the rotation lineup has been handed over by the coach, and the team is not as good as the Super Bowl champion on paper at this point in the offseason. However, they have one thing in common, that is, they are all ignored. Partly due to injuries, the birdies of the 2017 season did not perform well in the playoffs. This is the mentality the team cherished and worked hard to win. In 2021, the Eagles have clearly been largely ignored because the Las Vegas odds makers have regarded them as losers for 13 consecutive weeks.


Here is more information about the lack of respect from the birds:

According to VegasInsider.com’s data, the Eagles had a record of 4-11-1 last season, and the odds are 6-10. Their numbers on the road are 1-7. Nine of their 16 games were below the total score line.

The Hawks’ first game in 2021 is against Washington in Week 15, and the game will be played against Dallas. The Eagles will see you again.

The Hawks had a fierce start, having been defeated by underdogs with six or more points three times in the first six games, including 8.5 points when the defensive champion Pirates came in. This is the highest in the schedule. They also visited the Raiders (+3.5) and Broncos (+4.5) on the slate, which are the two rumored landing sites if Green Bay trades to rule MVP Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers). [Inquirer.com]

The full roster of the Eagles The game is here, with Our own Kempsky prophecy.

“This is the whole team…”

Ruben Frank| NBC Sports Philadelphia

We will continue the topic of “Jason Kelsey Super Bowl” victory speech here, because he himself talked with members of the media about his expectations for the upcoming season. It is not surprising that Kelse does not want to relax thinking about the team. Performance in 2021 will be terrible. Starting from the Eagles’ All-Pro Center:

From the perspective of Jason Kelce, reconstruction does not mean failure. It just means that you are trying to win in other ways.

Kells looked straight at his hometown of Cleveland. Last year, the Browns, which had lost 12 consecutive losing seasons, defeated their opponents 11-5 last year after rookie coach Kevin Stefanski’s Pittsburgh won with a wildcard.

“There is no doubt that we are in a transitional period,” Kelce said on Tuesday. “We have a new head coach, a new coaching staff, a new quarterback, and a lot of changes are taking place in the building. So there is no doubt that we are in a transition period.

“I think the biggest difference between football and many other sports is that being in a transitional period does not mean you can’t compete, nor can you compete. …Given the COVID and all aspects, many new coaches have no time throughout the offseason To prepare, they performed very well. The Browns are a good example.

“The most important thing is that we can compete and win the game. We can win this department. I have no doubt about that.” [NBCSP]

“…This is a hungry dog”

Zach Berman| Competitive sports

Okay, I don’t know if I can keep up with these subheadings, but we will try to discuss the part about Jalen Hurts for some time here. The Hawks’ possible QB1 and second-round pick a year ago will undoubtedly have the opportunity to show his ability in 2021. But, from an injury point of view, what will it take to lock the Hawks as the Hawks’ starter for more than a season? ? This is the topic Berman is trying to address in his latest mailbag. This is a snippet:

If Hurts is better than the league average, but the Eagles are interested and able to acquire Deshaun Watson, or if Russell Wilson is available and I propose these two options, because those are the names that have already been discussed, then I guess the Eagles The team will still be upgraded. If Sam Howell or Malik Willis or Desmond Ridder or JT Daniels or another college quarterback becomes Managers believe that there are better players than Hert, then the Hawks can replace Hert. But if the Hawks think that the quarterback’s injury plus another year, and using their picks and cap space to upgrade the roster around him is the best option, then he is a quarterback. Recall that after the 2014 season, the Eagles bought Sam Bradford for the price of Nick Foles. It’s not that Foles did not meet a certain standard. Yes, he is easily injured, but they bought Bradford! They just think Bradford is a better quarterback.

I know there will be a lot of discussions this season about whether Hutts has proven that he should continue to be a quarterback, and I will undoubtedly contribute to this discussion. But the Hawks’ commitment to “harm” in 2021 is not as great as their commitment to maintaining choice. The harm must be better than other options. It’s that simple. [The Athletic]

“Purposeful and motivated…”

Jon Michael Salter| Inner signal

This is how Kelce quoted Howie Roseman and how he made his mark before the 2017 season. In 2021, Roseman is also very active, signing Ryan Kerrigan and Le’Raven Clark among others. As the roster gets deeper and deeper, it seems more and more likely that other major events will occur. This is a bit optimistic, maybe “Inside The Iggles” exceeded expectations. They considered some potential actions as the offseason continued:

Trading scenario: The Philadelphia Eagles sent the 2022 second-round pick to the New England Patriots to win cornerback Stephon Gilmore (Stephon Gilmore).

If you would say that the Eagles were looking for experienced veterans like Gilmore a week ago, you might be ridiculed, but after another surprising news came out, they acquired Ryan Kerrigan. After the news came out, the situation no longer seemed to be the case. .

The Philadelphia front desk thinks they have formed a good lineup that can really participate in the NFC Eastern Conference this season, so with this in mind, the idea of ??adding another veteran doesn’t seem as far-fetched as it used to be. [insidetheiggles.com]

“Zach Ertz can’t stop…”

Jeff McLane| Philadelphia Enquirer

Let’s take this matter back. Kells’ irony of Ertz on the gallery steps was wrongly criticized because Ertz was blocked. Well, in 2020, due to his injury and retiring, he cannot do much by blocking or catching the ball. Part of the reason may be due to Carson Wentz’s poor QB performance, but anyway, the millions of dollars that may be saved by cutting or trading Ertz from June 1 has made him in the trading field for weeks. Long.

It is speculated that he will be transferred before the draft, during the draft and now. It seems that there is little interest in Etz. Does this mean that he actually has a chance to come back and fulfill the contract here?

If Eagles general manager Howie Roseman insists on demanding compensation in the last two months of trading, does that mean that he does not pay enough attention to Ertz to make him return to another season? We are talking about the three-time three consecutive Pro Bowl finishing games, and he is only one season away from winning such an honor.

But since the energetic final press conference with reporters after the end of last season, the end of Eze’s term in Philadelphia seems almost inevitable. He made it clear before the August opener that he wanted a new contract. However, the negotiations broke down, and Ertz publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Eagles front desk. In this way, he will experience the worst season of his career-for various reasons, some of which are beyond his control-and fall behind Dallas Goldt on the tight depth rankings. [Inquirer.com]

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