The nurse who insulted Joyce Echaquan asked for forgiveness from her family and asked her if she was overworked

The nurse who insulted Joyce Echaquan asked for forgiveness from her family and asked her if she was overworked



The nurse filmed shortly before the death of Joyce Echaquan is seeking forgiveness from her family. She said she had never had such an outbreak with a patient before.

She spoke during a coroner’s investigation into the death of the 37-year-old Atikamekw woman.

The name of the nurse is protected by a publication ban.

she was Be fired After the incident, he testified from de Lanaudière, the receptionist area of ??the Central Hospital in Joliet, Quebec, about what happened during the inquest of the Coroner in Trois-Rivières, Que, on Thursday.

A real-time video on Facebook Echaquan shared the morning of her death and caught the nurse, saying that Echaquan was “being better”.

She called Echaquan an “f-king idiot”, asked her to “stop fooling around”, and said that the mother of seven children “sleeps better than anyone else.”

While testifying, the nurse wept bitterly several times. She said she didn’t recognize herself when she watched the video later.

She sat in court silently to her family and said: “I am sorry for what I said.”

“That’s not me, I want to apologize, I have always been a good nurse.”

The family requested that the video be shown again in the presence of the nurse, even though it was seen in the testimony of another patient attendant in the video the day before.

The nurse lowered her head as she turned back through the court, scratching her forehead.

The nurse describes a difficult day

Witnesses described in detail how working conditions at Joliette Hospital have become more and more difficult over the years.

She said that the morning of Echaquan’s death on September 28, 2020 was no different. She only saw Echaquan briefly in the corridor that morning and said that the patient was calm.

Joyce Echaquan’s husband Carol Dube (Carol Dubé) and his family wanted to know exactly how and why Echaquan died during his hospital stay in September last year. (Facebook)

Around 10:15 in the morning, her colleague, a student nurse, asked her for help. Echaquan screamed and banged his head against the wall.

The staff transferred her to a private room. After arriving at the hospital, the nurse said that Echaquan cooperated and calmed herself a little bit, and gave her 5 mg of Haldol (an antipsychotic that is also used as a tranquilizer).

The nurse left to see other patients. Soon after, her colleague came to pick her up and said that Echaquan fell to the ground.

When the nurse attended Echaquan with the help of the student nurse, the nurse testified that she was thinking: “Why does she do this; why don’t we help her.”

From there, she began to lose patience. She said that she thought she had to fill out an incident report, considering all the paperwork she had to do that day, and thought that “no one cares and we can never rest.”

Coroner Jehane Carmel interrupted the witness, saying that she would not tolerate the excuse of overwork when people are facing a crisis.

“A woman died in front of you-because that was what was happening-are you telling me that you are thinking about your rest and your incident report?”

At the end of the testimony, the nurse apologized again and addressed Echaquan’s husband Carol Dubé directly.

“Since it happened, I have been thinking about it day and night. I want your forgiveness.”

According to reports, the nurse received death threats

Kamel stopped the investigation process on Thursday morning after learning that the videotaped nurse had received death threats since the investigation began.

The coroner asked the public to remain calm.

Carmel said: “No one wants someone to find a solution to this situation after death.”

On Thursday morning, more than 550 people followed the program, causing the system to crash several times.

Echaquan’s family and the indigenous people of Atikamekw also demanded that as the investigation progressed, people should keep peace.


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