Vista, California (CNS) – A 21-year-old man is suspected Beat a woman while walking a dog in Vista Park The attempt to drag her into the bushes was arrested on Thursday.

Sheriff’s officials said the attack occurred in Buena Vista Park, south of South Melrose Avenue, before noon on Wednesday.

Detective Lucia Rodriguez said that after the man allegedly caught the victim, they both fell to the ground. After a short struggle, the man ran away.

Rodriguez said: “The victim was slightly scratched from the leg when he fell.”

Delegates searched the area through the ground and helicopters, but did not find the attacker.

The authorities announced before 7pm on Thursday that Luis Enrique Ambris Jiménez had been arrested for this attack and would be charged in the Vista detention facility for kidnapping with intent to robbery, false prohibition and attempted robbery.

The police said that detectives also provided a search warrant at Jimenez’s home and found items related to the attack.

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