Sonia Fowler added a second chance after the first meeting

If stars on holidays are involved in major stories, they are forbidden to be crowned

If writers have important stories to rank for them, Corrie stars will be banned from holiday-zero exceptions.

The former story character Martin Sterling (Martin Sterling) left ITV Soap at the beginning of this year after serving for 17 years and has now shared some show secrets. He revealed that in the past he had been responsible for preventing some “big people on TV” from wasting the time they wanted.

However, Martin continues to insist that professional actors always have an understanding of this decision.

He explained: “The thing people may not realize is that you also have holidays,’can such a person have this week’s holiday?’ You have to say, “No, their stories are important”… I really am Say no to the most famous people on TV and tell them they can’t take a holiday?

“Of course, actors have the right to enjoy the holidays like everyone else. They don’t know if they will become big shots because they don’t know what will happen next. I think they do understand. Therefore, we said to them: “You can’t Take a few weeks because you will be really busy”, they do understand.”

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