San Diego DA: The new transfer plan aims to end “transportation from school to prison”

San Diego (CNS)-The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office announced an initiative Thursday to provide an alternative to prosecution for juveniles facing criminal charges.

The “Youth Diversion Initiative” program will allow minors facing felony or misdemeanor to choose to enter the early intervention program, and the Development Agenda Office stated that this will help reduce the number of young people entering the juvenile justice system and provide youth solutions to this An opportunity for a problem. The root cause of the behavior that led to their crime.

The county’s plan will begin this summer to promote young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who have committed serious crimes. Participation is voluntary, and young people will have the opportunity to stamp their arrest records after the plan is completed.

The Development Agenda Office stated that the “Youth Transfer Program” includes “comprehensive treatment services, pro-social skills building opportunities, educational support, and restorative justice community meetings to ensure that participants are supported and meet the needs of victims.”

It is estimated that approximately 500 young people will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the program each year.

San Diego County DA Summer Stephan said: “The DA Youth Transfer Program is a leapfrog development from school to prison demolition. It provides young people across the county with a bridge to healthy lives, away from the criminal justice system.”

She said: “If we can redirect teenagers from the beginning, we can avoid the negative impact of their criminal records and provide them with greater opportunities for future success.” “Provide them with cultural skills and Resilience resources that can address the root causes of crime in the communities in which they live, which provide the best results for our young people.”

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