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Panorama said that it has shown BBC confidential documents showing how BASHIR misled his boss

Panorama now says it has seen a confidential BBC internal management document written by the outgoing head of TV current affairs Tim Gardam, which shows that Bashir misled his boss.

According to Panorama, he denied that he had shown the fakes to anyone, and then admitted that he had passed the fakes to Earl Spencer to “promote” their relationship.

Instead, Lord Tony Hall drafted a statement for the governors of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in April 1996, in which the forgeries were described as “graphics” and Bashi Bashir has no explanation. Because the reason he created them is “even if he makes mistakes, honesty is an honorable person.”

Former BBC Governor Sir Richard Eyre said that if the board knew about Bashir’s actions, they would insist on a full investigation.

He told the show: “The fact that Bashir lied should have been shown to us, but in my memory, it has never been. Constitutionally speaking, we should at least provide an honest report on what happened to the governors. Now We can see that the false bank statement is a lever to open the door to Diana. If we knew it at the time, then there is no doubt that this will be investigated ruthlessly, because (the governor) feels very conceited about the organization. It’s very very hot.

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