Kardashians latest news-Kim claimed to be the “protagonist” after clashed with Kourtney’s man Travis Barker

After the dispute, Kendall raised her tequila again

The reality star posted another positive review of her new brand 818 tequila in her Instagram story.

In the story, Kendall reposted a short video of Devin Brugman (Devin Brugman) showing that she opened the gift set from the TV star and added the caption: “Thank you Kendall!”

All of this happened at the age of 25 Attacking “cultural encroachment” In her new advertisement.

Kendall is still about her tequila

In the advertisement, Kendall wore a pair of jeans with stains, a short white top, and oversized striped buttons that were not used in the advertisement of the new product.

She also wears a cowboy hat on her back, a tie around her neck, and two braids to trim her long brown hair.

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