Kardashians latest news-Hoax Kim & Kanye’s “Jet Ski Accident” video is once again touted as she is accused of having an affair with Travis

In the new Kurt editing, Kimberley was detained

After the SKIMS tycoon accused her sister of “yelling at her nanny”, Kourtney Kardashian “shut up” at her sister Kim.

In the extended clip Keep up with the Kardashians, Courtney with gold Their attitude towards the babysitter of the founder of SKIMS angered them.

This happened three weeks ago, when the whole family was on vacation and the babysitter came.

inside ClipWhen the 40-year-old four-year-old mother told her sister, the three sisters were having breakfast: “She said that she feels so mean to you that you just started yelling at her and then said,’Keep your voice down.’

“Oh, my goodness, she was lying.” Kootenay fought back, explaining that after the nanny allegedly called her son Lyon a “liar”, she had a peaceful discussion with the staff.

“It should be private,” Kim told her, and the nanny stood by her side.

“She said: “I hope you can pat my shoulder and say:’Hey, it really bothers me. Can we chat? ‘And we could have talked privately.But want her to yell at me in the restaurant [was wrong]. “

Courtney insisted that he was not a voice-raising person, but the nanny did it, adding: “She will never work for me with my manners.”

However, when Kim continued to stand by her sister’s side and said that she would not fire her, Kourtney dismissed it and said, “I don’t want to talk about this with you, because you obviously don’t understand.”

“I like her, so she won’t be fired,” Kim said. “I want my employees to work for a long time, so this is how I am.”

“I don’t care, keep her,” Kootenay told Kim. “She will never be with my child.”

“Gintney, you can’t even babysit,” Jin recalled the incident when Penelope scratched her and she had to get rid of the last many people.

“Kim, shut up seriously. The way you speak is crazy,” Kootenay said, and then threw the sisters at the table.

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