Find murals and street art in a treasure hunt through the Northern Free Zone

Friends and family can participate in this new self-directed mural scavenger hunt that was thought of by the Northern Liberal Party this summer Business improvement area.

Treasure hunt from May 28 (Friday) to July 5 (Monday). To participate, download the free Let’s roam The app can find more than 20 kinds of street art and murals, and learn more about their history and significance.

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After downloading the application, after the application is online, find “Northern Free Mural Hunting” on its area map. Next, create a profile and start exploring the North Free Zone.

NLBID recommends the following two techniques when registering:

• Players should select “Join Hunt” at the bottom right corner of the main screen and enter their private coupon code: NLiberties. After selecting the team leader, they will enter the team name. Everyone will click on the team name to enter the hunt. Alternatively, teammates can select “Custom Events and Team Building” and enter the team’s joining code (provided by the team leader).

• Players should test matches by naming a team of testers, so the results will not be displayed on the leaderboard until everyone is comfortable using the app. This will not affect hunting.After the search is over, everyone can use it Custom link.

Once players set off nearby, they will find works by famous local artists such as Paul Santoleri, Frank Hyder and Dennis Haugh, as well as images of famous faces such as Edgar Allan Poe, Benjamin Franklin and Gritty.Participants also need to find BeBot, Is a giant robot sculpture created by London artist Andrea Greenlees.

Participants can complete challenges, or they can participate and win weekly prizes. Every Monday, a winner who completes the game and scores the most during the week will be selected.

On July 5th, one person will win the grand prize, which is a four-a-side bowling competition held in the North Bowl of the North Free Zone. The grand prize winner will be selected from the person who completed the challenge and obtained the highest individual score in the entire season.

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