Employees say they can now access certain internal systems

Employees say they can now access certain internal systems



San Diego-Scripps Health employees said that nearly three weeks after the cyber attack hit the San Diego-based health care system, they now have access to certain internal systems, such as medical records and payroll.

Scripps did not provide detailed information about the ongoing cyber attack, including information about whether the system was extorted. Hospital officials detected the violation on May 1, and they said it was “Security incidents involving malware. “

An employee who spoke to FOX 5 on condition of anonymity said that employees have been able to use the internal system for a few days. As of Wednesday night, Scripps.org There also seems to be some functions available.

The employee said, but there are rumors that the system information was held for extortion.

The employee said: “Maybe this is just a rumor, but its gist is: Our system was hacked and we did not retrieve the information.” “Usually, you won’t get the information without paying the ransom.”

Scripps Health declined to share any other updates on Wednesday and instead asked reporters to go back to the statement issued earlier this month. The statement stated to some extent: “An independent cyber security company has been hired to assist us in our investigation and recovery work.”

The statement read: “While investigating, we have determined that the outage was caused by a security incident involving malware on our computer network.” “The Scripps technical team is working 24/7 to recover as quickly and safely as possible. Our system is carried out in a way that prioritizes our ability to provide patient care.”

Although many appointments have been put on hold, doctors have been able to continue to visit some patients using backup procedures such as physical charts.

However, employees stated that they are still in a difficult situation and have no determination as the situation is approaching the third week. The employee said that they were offered unpaid leave, but if no one was actually fired, they would not be able to lose their jobs.

The employee said: “We must use PTO for things we don’t want.” “If we don’t do this, we won’t get paid. If we choose labor resources, it’s a lottery system, so you don’t know if there is You can work at any time.”

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-SCRIPPS.


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