Delco Sandwich Shop created the Easttown hoagie mare to commemorate one of the filming locations of the show

Delco Sandwich Shop created the Easttown hoagie mare to commemorate one of the filming locations of the show



Fans of the Delaware County-based HBO crime TV series “The Mare of Eastern Town” can now order “The Mare” (a snack inspired by a popular show) at Don’s Deli & Catering in Boothwin.

“Mother of East Town” followed Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) played by Philadelphia suburban detective Mare Sheehan (Mare Sheehan) trying to solve two murders. The show was praised for its authentic portrayal of Delaware County, including local Easter eggs such as Wawa and the unique Delco accent.

Don’s Deli, 62, was one of the filming locations of the series. The owner, Michael McKinney Jr., said that they made a sandwich to celebrate it. PHL17 report.

“The Mare” is a huge sandwich consisting of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, filling and mayonnaise, on a long, fresh Serpe & Sons bakery roll.

McKinney said: “Marley’s ingredients are similar to other sandwiches in our area, such as turkey and Bobby.” Tell “The Delco Times”. “We chose this sandwich because it is’Delco’s stuff,’ and we named it after Delco’s favorite girl!”

McKinney said that when HBO location investigators visited the deli in 2019, employees initially thought it was a joke.

McKinney said: “This is a huge opportunity for us. This store has attracted a lot of attention and has been around for 62 years.” Say.

Filming took place on November 4, 2019, and the show subsequently premiered in April 2021 after the production delay caused by COVID. He said that during the shooting, the set designer, producer and staff ate at the deli.

McKinney’s sister and Don Deli’s office manager, Amy Kilgore, said: “Features Don’s Deli and the restaurant industry, it’s a bright spot in the area. It brings a good atmosphere to our entire town.” Delco Times. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us. We are very grateful to HBO!”

The deli held once Watch the party all day on May 16 The fifth episode of a limited series, which originally featured a deli. They have a red carpet, cardboard cutouts full of stars, and prize draws for sweepstakes, such as iPads and TVs.

However, the scene was finally cut from the plot at the last minute.

Deli’s Facebook post said: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we are ecstatic about it.” “Sometimes you end up on the locker room floor. That’s the baby of showbiz!”

Cooked food will obviously appear in future episodes. According to PHL17, after hearing the news of watching the party, Kate Winslet sent a personal video message to local fans, apologizing and thanking them for their support.

The show sparked a lot of online conversations from the quality of Winslet Delco accent To a local landmark like this Wawa, the costume designer visited there to get inspiration for the performance.even Deceive SNL Earlier this month, in a sketch called “Murdur Durdur”.

Don’s Deli, located at 1509 Meetinghouse Rd. Located in Boothwyn (Boothwyn) is the main food in Delaware County. It offers specialties such as cheese steak, crepes, milkshakes and more every week. McKinney, who was born and raised in the area, purchased the deli from its previous owners Jen and Jim Evans in July 2019. The original owner Don Horton founded the deli in 1958.


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