Delco contractor paid US$50,000 to settle the claim for “buy American” preference for the 30th Street Station Refurbishment Project

An Aston-based electrical contractor will pay more than $50,000 to resolve allegations that it has failed to comply with federal regulations to purchase U.S.-made parts for a renovation project at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

Wescott Electric Company agreed to pay, which was caused by the use of Chinese-made parts during the installation of sprinklers at the fire station and other renovation work.

Companies that sign with Amtrak are responsible for complying with federal preferences for U.S.-made parts in these projects. If they wish to source parts from other parts of the world, they must obtain an exemption from this rule. The 30th Street Station project was funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Federal investigators said Westcott had not received China’s approval to use these parts.

Acting U.S. Attorney Jennifer Albiter Williams said: “Amtrak and the Department of Transportation have established a preference for using U.S.-made parts to support U.S. work, and taxpayers have the right to know that this policy has been fulfilled. “If the contractor believes that it is impossible to do so, they have the responsibility to openly raise the issue to the contractor’s official and cooperate with the government authorities on a mutually agreed solution.”

Williams said Westcott quickly cooperated with investigators and has taken stronger compliance measures. The company will pay $ 55,083 to settle the claim.

William H. Gray’s 30th Street Station is the third busiest station in the national network of the American National Railroad (Amtrak). It is currently undergoing long-term renovation and will be carried out in multiple stages.Last year, Amtrak Choose a developer to lead a $400 million refurbishment project The station will include improved facilities, improved retail products and expansion of the commercial potential of the station, as well as other facilities and office upgrades.

President Biden Visited 30th Street Station last month To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amtrak’s founding and advocate for his “U.S. Jobs Program”, an infrastructure bill that will provide Amtrak with US$80 billion to upgrade the Northeast Corridor and other travel networks of the Federal Railroad Department .

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