We need PC Plod…not PC Politics

Do you remember when our copper was generally respected and not a laughing stock of the country?

not long ago. But now it is difficult to find anyone who takes the police seriously.


A female police officer was photographed in a demonstration this week, shouting “Free Palestine” and raising her fist.Credit: SWNS

We saw a stupid mare this week The policewoman in uniform shouted “Free Palestine!” And hug a protester. Her case is under investigation.

But this is just the latest in a long list of nonsense, and it does everything it can to make itself look “progressive.” There are not many ways to stop crime. Majestic stunt.

The police (men and women) in Somerset County and Avon City wear blue nail polish to promote their stand against slavery.

On the Severn River in South Wales?? Male police officers spent the day wearing high heels Show solidarity with women.

I think, WT??F? This is not a fight against crime. As they insist, this has not even improved people’s visibility. This is simply a low, upright sign of virtue.

What did the bronze medal do in Bristol when the protesters threw the statue in the river?

They stood watching. He was praised by his superiors for this.


Then we have The police suddenly bowed their knees during the “Black Life Issues” protest. The stupid chief Kent officer repeated a gesture.

In Somerset and Avon (yes, they are these boys again, they have serious figures)-the police painted bloody patrol cars in rainbow colors to show their solidarity with the LGBTQ+ movement.

However, while all these things are happening, the rate of crime clearance is also declining.

In 2019, only 7.8% of reported crimes led to prosecution or other forms of litigation. This is half of what it was five years ago.

Of course, the police do take action on certain crimes. Not a knife crime, this is on the rise. There was no burglary.

If your house is broken into, you will have a chance to see the perpetrators caught and prosecuted, which is the same as when I won the London Marathon while carrying Robbie Kotraen on my shoulders and juggling swords. same. The clearance rate of car crime is even lower.

However, if you post what they consider to be a “hate crime” on Twitter, they will definitely be in a mess.

Male police officers in South Wales wear high heels all day to show solidarity with women


Male police officers in South Wales wear high heels all day to show solidarity with womenCredit: Twitter
Police bowed their knees during protests on black life issues outside Downing Street


Police bowed their knees during protests on black life issues outside Downing StreetCredit: IF

Dingbat Zuo Kung Fu

Then you will feel the full power of the law. Even if they wear high heels. There are also lip balm and mascara to show solidarity with “sex workers”.

This is the problem. The police have been politicized.

One reason is that, like almost all other institutions in the country, the force was captured by the Dingbats. Wake left.

The other is the arrival of elected police and crime commissioners. They are almost always failed politicians, and they bring stupid political obsessions into their new jobs.

In fact, the real crime did not affect them, because it affected the poorest people in our society.

All they care about are outstanding achievements in politics. Or show how advanced they are.

We should abolish the police and crime commissioners.

Not only are they useless and expensive, but they are also a major obstacle to combating actual crime.

I pay tribute to the old-school veterans who couldn’t stand what happened to the service they knew and loved.

They know that whenever there is some copper that is forced to put on nail polish to make the racket move, the respect for the uniform will diminish, not that they stop making the racket move.

The police force needs to be overhauled from top to bottom. Our Secretary of the Interior Priti Patel is the right politician to make sure this happens.

We need the police to show more interest in fighting crime and less interest in showing off.

Be careful how you go.

Inform America: Our English is not as stupid as this man

I guess there must be someone close to Prince Bihari in the world.

Of course, somewhere.

Prince Harry told the Americans that their First Amendment was


Prince Harry told the Americans that their First Amendment was “a fool”Credits: pixel8000

However, if this is the case, they have taken precautions to keep the traps closed so that no one will notice.

Not Harry. Every time he opens his mouth, an incredibly fatal error occurs.

His IQ seems to be the IQ of a man. His head has been removed and replaced with family-packed pepper “n” corn chips cheddar cheese.

The problem is that foreigners listened to him spit and thought, “Wow. What a snack. Are all British people like that?

“And he is one of the elites in the privileged class… The others of them must be very stupid.”

His latest statement is The “First Amendment” that protects freedom of speech is a “liar”.

He said to the Americans. Anyway, you Yonkers: No, we didn’t let him come back. He and his terrible wife will belong to you all their lives.

Halls?Rest awhile

Book your Summer vacation in the Falkland Islands however?

Don’t forget it will be midwinter.

The Falkland Islands are on the green list for travel this summer-but that's midwinter


The Falkland Islands are on the green list for travel this summer-but that’s midwinterCredit: Reuters

At that time of year, Port Stanley is really exciting. How strong the wind is, the rain is pouring, just eat penguins-I don’t mean cookies.

The Falkland Islands are one of the few places you can go to rest.

If you can settle the flight and pay for it-over £2,000 in economy class, nearly 20 hours.

But at least we are allowed to enter the Falkland Islands. The government says that most places we can go do not allow us to enter.

Moreover, no country can enter the uncertainty of the green list.

I have to say, I think you are crazy to book a holiday abroad this year.

There is the European Championship on TV-save your money and have a drink.

Why not say hello, alien?

Former president Barack Obama has just confirmed that there are indeed UFOs Buzzing in the sky.

He said in an interview that there are many strange scenes of planes doing inexplicable things. It is almost certain that they were led by aliens. Something that looks like a cross between a lobster and a penis.

If the aliens are fine, they will contact and say hello


If the aliens are fine, they will contact and say hello

If there are creatures buzzing there, they may not be very good.

A life form that ejects acid from the eyes or other things.

Because if they are fine, they will get in touch, won’t they?

Split knee

The players bowed their knees at the beginning of the FA Cup final, which was booing-check it out.

But unlike the booing of Millwall fans, no one described the crowd madly as racist.

Even Gary Lineker remained silent on this issue.

Only a handful of British people are racists.But many people are opposed to it Business with bent knees.

They are not enthusiastic about the Marxist movement of black lives.

But in general, they do support the need to achieve greater equality between blacks and whites.

The sooner this split knee bends, the better.

Jezza’s Hate Legacy

A limousine full of Palestinian flags drove through the Jewish districts of London.

The people in the car cried out anti-Semitic abuse. “F*** Jews, rape their daughters” and many more.

The Labor Party is suffering from Long Corbyn


The Labor Party is suffering from Long CorbynCredit: PA

Labor leader Sir Kil Starmer Strongly condemn this terrible incident.

Of course everyone will agree?

No, not in the Labour Party. In response to Starmer’s tweet, a mentally deranged Labour Party supporter wrote: “I don’t believe this is a stunt. It’s just a stunt bought and paid by Israeli supporters to discredit Palestine supporters.

“This is a complete process.”

Another said simply: “Goodbye, Gere”.

Another idiot claimed that the convoy’s video tapes had “false voices” on them, in order to “smear Muslims.”

Most of the others just yelled at Israel.

These people are very angry. But they are not only lunatics, they are also racists. Anti-Semitic. The far left in this country. Obsessed with Israel, full of Jewish hatred.

You think the party has changed Corbin No longer a leader?

No chance. Poor Starmer could do nothing about it.

His party is still suffering from Long Corbyn.

The world can be divided into two kinds of people.

Those will Drop their masks Early opportunity.

People who will continue to wear them after the government says we can stop.

These people would wear masks if they were standing in the middle of the Russian taiga and 500 miles from the nearest town.

A few weeks ago, I saw a man in a mask surfing.

In any case, I cannot tell you how much I wish I would not wear a mask.

If it’s just to ask the owner for something once instead of three times.

Why does our government continue to let Thousands of people flew from India throughout the month? The ministers are fully aware that the Indian variant is beginning in this country. But since April 23, India has allowed 110 planes from India to land here.

The ministers made the same mistake as last year when they did not close our border.

The policewoman filmed the situation yelling “Free Palestine” and hugging the demonstrators to protest the “injustice” during the demonstration

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