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The number of baby girls in intensive care in France fell below 4,000

As the country reopened outdoor cafe terraces, museums and shops selling non-essential goods, the number of COVID-19 patients in French intensive care units fell below 4,000 on Wednesday.

According to Ministry of Health data, the total number of ICUs fell by 153 to 3,862, the first time since March 11 that it fell below 4,000.

After the country’s second nationwide lockdown in November, the number of COVID-19 intensive care patients fell below 2,600 in early January, but then quickly climbed to the 2021 high of 6,001 on April 26. Since then, it has fallen almost every day.

The Ministry of Health also reported 19,050 new coronavirus cases, an increase of 1.64% compared to last week. After a slight increase in the past three days, the growth rate hit an 11-month low. The 7-day moving average of new cases fell to 13,676.

France also reported 141 new deaths. The average daily death toll within 7 days has dropped from 450 in early February to a new low of 141 in 2021.

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