Tokyo Medical Institution urges Olympic organizers to cancel the Olympics

The organizers of the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympics will hold a three-day virtual meeting on Wednesday, which will open in the eight weeks so far, and will meet some of the most powerful medical opposition to date.

The meeting was chaired by the Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, John Coates, who will once again assure the Japanese people that the Olympics will be “safe.”

Most areas of Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka, are in a state of emergency, which forced the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to cancel his trip to Japan this month. Only about 1-2% of the population has been fully vaccinated, and in many opinion polls, 60-80% of the people opposed to the Olympics.

In one of the most powerful statements to date, the 6,000-member Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association called for the cancellation of the Olympics. Organizing Committee.

The letter was made public on the organization’s website this week.

The letter said: “We believe that the correct choice is to cancel events that may increase the number of infected people and the number of deaths.”

Watch | Naomi Osaki expressed concern about the safety of the game:

Morgan Campbell, Meghan McPeak and Dave Zirin presented to tennis star Naomi Osaka on whether the Olympics should be held this summer comment. 8:57

“The virus is spread by the people’s movement. If the Olympics and Paralympics work to exacerbate the epidemic and increase the number of people who must suffer and die, Japan will bear a major responsibility.”

The Olympic Games will open on July 23. The Paralympic Games will be held on August 24. For the International Olympic Committee, this is an urgent financial task. About 75% of the income of the International Olympic Committee comes from the sale of television broadcasting rights, and the other 18% comes from sponsorship.

Japanese officials have spent $15.4 billion to organize the Olympics, although government audits indicate that this number is much higher.

There is no sign that the Olympics will be cancelled, although the opposition continues to conduct small street protests and online petitions. Last month, the British Medical Journal opposed the Olympics.

The number of people who have died of COVID-19 in Japan exceeds 11,500.

Medical system pressure

The Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association warned that the Japanese medical system may collapse, and with the opening of the Summer Olympics, Tokyo’s hot and humid summer approaching, may put more pressure on the Japanese medical system.

The letter said: “Our country is now experiencing the fourth wave of a surge in coronavirus patients. This is the worst so far.” “The medical system that responds to COVID-19 is almost stretched to its limit. Actually. The entire medical system is facing almost insurmountable difficulties in doing our best to respond to the coronavirus.”

Tokyo organizers said that about 10,000 medical staff will be needed during the Olympics. They also asked for an additional 500 nurses and 200 sports medicine experts.

Several counties near Tokyo said they would not prioritize Olympic athletes.

The letter added: “The doctors and nurses of the medical system who were asked to respond are exhausted, and there is absolutely no additional manpower or facilities for treatment.”

Fans from abroad have been banned. If local fans can participate in limited games, the Olympic organizers are expected to announce it next month.

The Olympics and Paralympics will have 15,000 athletes and thousands of others entering Japan, and Japan’s borders have been banned for almost a year.

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