Thousands of SARS without power.Wildfires will still take a few days to be contained

Thousands of SARS without power.Wildfires will still take a few days to be contained



Tuesday’s dry weather and strong winds added fuel to the Cloverdale fire near Prince Albert in Saskatchewan.

The city is located about 135 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon, and it said the fire forced the evacuation of at least 50 houses on Tuesday afternoon.

The nearby rural town of Garden River also issued an immediate evacuation order on Wednesday to evacuate the Berg sub-district. The press release stated that wildfires are an immediate threat and residents “must start evacuation immediately.”

Residents who can travel on their own are instructed to use Highway 2 south, and then head to the Margo Fournier Center in Prince Albert.

A wildfire burning near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. (CBC News)

The fire has expanded to about 40 square kilometers and moved away from the northern edge of Prince Albert on Wednesday.

The Saskatchewan Department of Public Safety said it expects the temperature drop later this week to have a major impact, but the fire control is a few days away.

Some houses survived

When the fire moved to the northeast and threatened property at the eastern end of the fire, some houses closer to Prince Albert seemed to escape relatively unscathed.

Harold Fisher said: “The fire seems to miss us and our nearest neighbors.” He owns a farm on Cloverdale Road northeast of Prince Albert.

He said it was stressful to watch the smoke spread to the vicinity of his land, but firefighters were able to establish borders around houses in the area.

“Just when the underwater bomber came and dumped 20 tons of water along the strip behind our property,”.

Fisher said that he was able to quickly inspect his property and found that the power supply had been restored.

Harold Fisher said that although their house was destroyed by the fire, his house and neighbor’s house seemed to have been spared. (Submitted by Harold Fisher)

The Royal Mounted Police of Saskatchewan said the two-way Route 55 from Mees Park to Prince Albert remains closed.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned the public to avoid all major grid roads between Highway 55 and Highway 355 because these roads have been closed and used by emergency agencies to transport firefighting equipment and water. Motorists are required to use alternate routes from Highway 355 West and Highway 2 South in Meath Park.

Residents of the Cecil Ferry area can use the ferry to evacuate the area and enter Prince Albert.

The road closure measures are expected to continue until at least Wednesday night.

About 9,000 without electricity

SaskPower spokesperson Joel Cherry (Joel Cherry) said that about 9,000 customers have lost power, stretching from north of Prince Albert to La Ronge, which is 215 kilometers further north.

The Montreal Creek Country Rural Area, 103 kilometers north of Prince Albert, currently has no electricity, so there is no access to natural gas, water or fresh food.

In Air Ronge, about 235 kilometers north of Prince Albert, cars line up all day for refueling. Local resident Tom Roberts (Tom Roberts) said that the water pump runs on a generator.

The estimated repair time for most affected customers is up to three days, depending on the number of damaged buildings and the condition of the electrical wiring.

The utility company said: “At present, SaskPower knows that 15 structures need to be replaced. Since the fire has not been contained, it is likely to damage more buildings.”

Several fire departments are catching fire. The province also dispatched three water bombers, a helicopter, reconnaissance aircraft and more firefighters.

The cause of the fire is unclear.


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