The Quebec Prosecutor’s Office decided on the charges against the major general. Dany Fortin

A branch of the military police has completed an investigation into allegations of misconduct involving the major general. Dany Fortin (Dany Fortin), and referred the matter to royal officials to decide whether criminal charges should be filed.

The Ministry of Defense issued a short three-line statement on Friday evening, stating that Fortin will resign from the Public Health Agency of Canada leading the vaccine logistics work in Canada, and his future will be determined by the Acting Secretary of Defense.

The Canadian Army Provost Marshal said in a statement today that the matter has been handed over to the Director of Criminal and Criminal Prosecutions of Quebec, “Who is the person in charge of criminal and criminal prosecutions in Quebec.”

CBC News confirmed that the investigation involved an allegation of sexual misconduct that occurred before 2015. The military has now announced its retirement from the “Operation Honour” (Operation Honour) aimed at eliminating misconduct.

Three separate confidential sources (not authorized to speak publicly due to the sensitivity of the document) described it as an earlier claim, but declined to provide more specific information. The Globe and Mail was the first to report that the allegations against Fortin were sexual in nature.

Fortin’s lawyer Cmdr. Marc Létourneau said his client knew about the investigation sometime before Friday, but only learned the details of the allegations at the weekend. He said that Fortin will fight the charges.

Letournau said in a written statement: “This is a journalist who notified Major General Foldan of the allegations against him on Sunday, May 16.”

“This completely surprised him. He categorically denied this accusation.”

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