Russia proposes to help delimit the Armenia-Azerbaijan border Asia News

Moscow took action after Armenia accused Azerbaijan of sending troops across the border last week.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that after Armenia accused Azerbaijan of invading the border, Moscow offered to mediate negotiations.

Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of sending troops across borders The fragility of the Russian broker’s ceasefire was emphasized last week, which interrupted last year’s fighting between Armenians and Azerbaijanis for six weeks.

Azerbaijan denied crossing the border and stated that its troops were only defending itself.

But Armenia said Friday that Azerbaijan has not fulfilled its promise to withdraw troops that crossed the border.

Lavrov told reporters during a visit to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, on Wednesday: “Russia first provided assistance to delimit the border.”

He added that Moscow is proposing to establish an Armenian-Azeri joint committee, and Russia may participate as an advisor or mediator.

TASS news agency reported that Armen Grigoryan, secretary of the Armenian Government’s Security Committee, stated that the demarcation work can only begin before the Azerbaijani forces leave Armenian territory.

However, according to Interfax news agency, the Armenian Defense Ministry said earlier on Wednesday that a dialogue between the Armenian Defense Minister and Azerbaijani defense officials is ongoing.

“Without a peaceful resolution within a reasonable time-if the Azerbaijani army cannot be restored without any prerequisites, the Armenian armed forces have the right to resolve this issue by other means, including force,” the Ministry of Health said.

After November, Moscow helped ensure a ceasefire During the battle, the Azerbaijani army drove the Armenians out of large tracts of territory Since the 1990s, they have been in control of the Nagorno-Karabakh area and surrounding areas.

Russia has a military base in Armenia and last year sent peacekeepers to the area to help implement the ceasefire.

It has strong ties and mutual defense treaties with Armenia, but it also maintains friendly relations with Azerbaijan.

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