Philadelphia and COVID-19: The city will maintain authorization for indoor masks at least until other restrictions are lifted on June 11

Philadelphia will completely abolish its outdoor mask requirements on Friday, but masks will still be required indoors at least until June 11. Target date for the removal of remaining COVID-19 restrictions in the city.

Nearly a week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people be fully vaccinated, city officials announced a policy change on Wednesday No longer need to wear a mask In most settings.

Pennsylvania quickly adopted the change last week, but Philadelphia maintained stricter regulations throughout the pandemic.New Jersey also refused Cancel its indoor mask regulations for the time being.

The city’s health department will evaluate the COVID-19 transmission indicators in early June before deciding whether to abolish the regulations on indoor masks. The instructions for wearing a mask only apply to people who are fully vaccinated. People who have not been vaccinated are still at risk and still need to wear masks indoors.

On Fridays, outdoor dining or outdoor activities (including Phillies games) will no longer require masks. People who have not been vaccinated do not need to wear them in these outdoor environments, but they are strongly recommended to do so.

The Philadelphia timetable was shared by Acting Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, who replaced Dr. Thomas Farley. After he resigned last week. Bettigole is a family doctor and public health doctor who has worked in the city’s health department for most of the past two decades.

Bettigole (Bettigole) gave several reasons for the decision to refuse to keep the regulations on indoor masks. She believes that as cities continue to work hard to increase the number of vaccinations, this is the only realistic method for safe production. She wants to avoid situations where companies have to check vaccination cards (which may be forged) or expose employees to unnecessary risks.

Betty Gore said: “Many reasons for doing this are to protect those important workers.” “They have been working hard and now can’t limit their risks. Many of them still hesitate or wait for observation (about vaccinations). . I really want to encourage those people. I think we now have reliable data to prove that the vaccine can work and can continue to be vaccinated. Please take an extra month to purchase the vaccine.

Betty Gore continued: “But it’s just a thought process.” “We don’t want to create a law enforcement nightmare for a single company.”

COVID-19 infection Continue to fall in Philadelphia As vaccination continues to increase during the month of May.Approximately 633,585 Philadelphia residents have all lived Vaccination 851,476 people have received at least one dose.

Betty Gore said she believes that vaccination plays a key role in reducing urban infections.

Betty Gore said: “Public health is never the same thing.” “It may involve multiple factors, but I think the biggest factor is vaccination. There are a lot of discussions about herd immunization, no matter what the number is, we all It can be argued that we have not yet. But we do have enough people vaccinated. I think this is reducing the case rate. It will definitely help reduce the hospitalization rate.”

Betty Gore did not comment on Farley’s resignation last week, in response to his admission that he ordered the cremation and execution of the remains after the MOVE bomb attack in West Philadelphia in 1985.Remaining Not destroyed in the end Although Farley issued an order in 2017, the city has begun investigating the situation around the victim’s body.

Betty Gore said the investigation will remain independent, but she plans to review the practice of the medical examiner’s office to determine where improvements can be made. She added that Farley’s resignation caused damage to the health department.

Betty Gore said: “We have lost someone with extensive experience and commitment to COVID response, and I think we need to admit that.” “Dr. Farley has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives in Philadelphia. Fortunately, we are. The health department has a large team and they are working on this response. Everyone is united to ensure that the response continues and is not affected.”

The city has begun to look for the status of permanent health commissioner, and it is not clear whether Bettigole will become a candidate for the post.

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