Live weather forecast in the UK-The Metropolitan Weather Service (Met) issued a wind direction warning today, the temperature in the UK will rise to 24 degrees Celsius, and the British will be hot in June

Why is the weather in the app sometimes inaccurate?

After users complained about Apple’s inaccurate weather, this seems to be a problem faced by all weather apps, not just tech giants.

BBC News NI weather host Cecilia Daly (Cecilia Daly) said: “The problem is that although we can predict the ideal conditions for a shower, it is practically impossible to predict when and where it will happen.”

“That’s why the app is struggling. So many local details may affect the shower, and computer models cannot simulate it, which is different from the weather system developed over the Atlantic Ocean.

These large systems can be well modeled, so the weather application can predict very accurately when the rain will reach your location.

“Each shower is independent and has a life cycle, usually a few minutes rather than a few days.”

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