John Gomery, who was in charge of the federally sponsored scandal investigation, passed away

John Gomery, who was in charge of the federally sponsored scandal investigation, passed away



The retired Supreme Court Justice of Quebec, John Gomery, who became a household name after investigating the federal sponsorship scandal, has now passed away.

His daughter Liz released the news on Tuesday night.

She wrote: “He is a giant, a great man, and a great father. Now that he is gone, I feel pain in my heart and my whole body.”

Gomery, who has served as a lawyer and judge for 50 years, became world-renowned after former Prime Minister Paul Martin appointed him as an investigator, who investigated Quebec’s federal funding between 1995 and 2003 Problems with the plan.

His investigation results concluded that there is clear evidence that the management of the sponsorship program involves political participation, insufficient supervision of the public service executives, and confidentiality surrounding the management of the program.

However, not everyone celebrates his work. Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and his supporters criticized Gomery and called his findings biased.

Gomel notoriously used the term “cheap town” to describe Chrétien’s use of logo embossed promotional golf balls. Chrétien asked him to step down.

A federal court judge later overturned his findings, arguing that Cletian and his chief of staff were partly responsible for the sponsorship scandal.

Gomel said in questioning: “This is really a spectacle.” “It was not a rehearsal scene, but seeing witnesses one by one facing their unexplainable documents, which was shocking and fascinating.”

Long-term legal profession

Before he covered the night news for several months, Gomel had a long career in the Quebec judicial system.

After becoming a judge in 1982, he made important decisions in cases involving workers’ rights.

He also led a team of judges that reformed family law. The achievement he told reporters was one of his proudest achievements.

Gomel told the Canadian News Agency in 2007: “The commission comes from the cherry on the cake, which is a huge cherry.”

“Frankly speaking, it was a test for me. But I have no regrets. If people remember me for it, that’s good. It is inevitable. I can’t expect people from Calgary, Alberta to know I have no other reason.”


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