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Cryptocurrency market Swing in chaotic trading After Chinese regulators stated that they would severely crack down on the use of digital coins, related stocks were hit. The price of digital coins has soared this year.

Bitcoin plummeted by 30% to a low of $30,101, before its losses fell back to less than 8%. Other digital coins were also hit by the blockbuster selling. Ethereum was one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the past month, losing a quarter of its value before falling to a loss of slightly more than 20%.

Data from the cryptocurrency data provider shows that more than $8.6 billion of positions have been liquidated in the past 24 hours.

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Coronavirus digestion

  • This I Member States have provisionally agreed Allow visitors to enter People who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

  • one Taiwanese The remaining allies rarely warn that it may be forced to transfer diplomatic loyalty from Taipei to Beijing Get access China coronavirus vaccine.

  • Boris Johnson says have “Confidence” The coronavirus vaccine is effective against all variants, including the first India.

  • India More than 4,500 Covid-19 deaths were reported on Tuesday, Highest known day count The situation in any country during the pandemic.

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In the news

A company founded by the son of Tsar China Finance to invest in technology A fund founded by the son of Liu He, Vice Premier of the State Council of China Invest heavily in technology companies, Including leading Internet groups Tencent and According to company records seen by the Financial Times, the company manages $1.6 billion in assets and was established at the end of 2016.

Fed officials discuss curtailing asset purchases Some Fed officials believe that the U.S. Central Bank should develop a path to Cut some huge monetary support If the economic recovery accelerates further, the impact on the economy will be even greater.

Biden urges Netanyahu to end his offensive on Gaza From the White House Call on Wednesday morningJoe Biden told his Israeli counterparts that he “expects a substantial escalation on the road to a ceasefire today.” A few hours after Biden’s statement, Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he was “determined to continue this operation until the goal is achieved”.

SoftBank marks a retreat from global solar ambitions The renewable energy department of a company owned by Indian tycoon Gautam Adani said it plans to Acquired SoftBank’s energy division Valued at US$3.5 billion, it marks Masayoshi Son’s ambitions in the global solar field.At the same time, Xinjiang’s solar energy industry has Launched a charm offensive As a sanction machine.

Pelosi calls for a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi) has become Call for a diplomatic boycott A report on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics involves China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang.

New York launches criminal investigation of Trump Organization After the New York Attorney General stated that he had conducted a long-term investigation of these entities, the legal threats to Donald Trump and his business empire have escalated. Lead to possible crime -Not only civil-malfeasance.

Silicon Valley veterans warn of “very frothy” markets Sandy Robertson is worried about what is happening in the market these days, which is important. In the financial world, few people can see more than him.Robertson is known for helping found two investment banks that dominated technology underwriting in the 1990s Tell the British “Financial Times” He saw “a lot of rubbish” in Spacs.

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One day in the future

New Zealand Budget Announcement Maori housing and child poverty programs are expected to be Thursday’s budget announcement. Climate change is also expected to be a priority. (New Zealand Herald)

Japan Trade Data The country’s exports are expected Increase by more than 30% According to a Reuters survey, the year-on-year growth in April was the highest level in more than a decade. The trade data figures are scheduled to be announced today. (Reuters)

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What are we still reading

The dream of a unified space will become elusive In industries that require billions of dollars in capital investment, mergers make sense. But before Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos were interfered, the satellite industry was trying to reduce the impact of decentralization. Written by Peggy Hollinger.

Why IEA is the “convening time” for the fossil fuel industry Just as governments and companies around the world are under the pressure of responding to climate change, the world’s most influential energy institutions are also Must overhaul oneself. The IEA’s blockbuster report on how to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 marked a sharp turnaround since the organization was founded in the early 1970s.

Huarong’s plight warns lazy investors The ungodly overseas analysts called it “Hua’s fault.” But the problem that plagued China’s largest non-performing debt investor China Huarong Asset Management Company is fatal. Beijing may try to allocate all or most of its losses to overseas investors. Brooke Masters wrote.

Challenge China: Britain after Brexit After the 2016 referendum, British ministers optimistically discussed trade agreement negotiations with Beijing.But Duning Street had just been disbanded from Brussels and it was keen on Strengthen political and military ties Analysts described it as a new cold war with Beijing, and Washington succumbed to it.

U.S. Telecom thinks it’s not so stupid to focus on pipelines after all AT&T’s CEO was eager for success last month Godzilla vs Kong At the box office and attracting viewers to the HBO Max streaming platform, the organization tried to challenge Netflix.This week, he sounds more Like a traditional telecom executive After announcing the plan to split and merge WarnerMedia.

Top 50 Food Stores in the World How to find the best products on earth, from classic New York deli and Indian spice malls to German sausage shops, How To Spend It has Comprehensive guide. As restaurants in countries with fewer Covid cases begin to resume normal operations, diners are remembering random situations. The pleasure of seeing others. (Doctor, now)

Video of the day

Todd CEO Diego Della Valle plans for the future Founder and CEO of Tod’s Tell “Financial Times” editor Roula Khalaf (Roula Khalaf) At the “luxury business summit”, he will only consider selling the Italian luxury goods manufacturer to LVMH.

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