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A study found that the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine works very well. Third assistAlthough there are concerns that the immune system will fight adenovirus, the prick is used as a delivery mechanism.

People familiar with the matter said that in an upcoming study at Oxford University, it has been shown that increasing the dose can enhance participants’ antibodies to the Covid-19 spike protein.

Some scientists worry that repeated use of an adenoviral vector (an inactivated cold virus) will prevent the immune system from recognizing the spike protein of the coronavirus. A person familiar with the matter said, but this study found that adenoviruses have a clear response to this protein.

Another person familiar with the test results said that the response to the booster was “incredible” and strong enough to “break down almost all variants.”

If immunity starts to weaken against variants of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, this study strengthens the reason for using the vaccine as a booster injection.

Coronavirus digestion

  • High-frequency data indicators provide evidence that Eurozone Will record a Strong second quarter Rebound from a double-dip recession.

  • This Serum Institute India plan Extended pause The Covid-19 vaccine will need to be purchased until the end of this year.

  • Japan’s In the first quarter of 2021, economic output fell by 1.3%, and it fell by 5.1% on an annual basis. Renewed emergency.

  • This United Kingdom labour market Took a turn In the first quarter, with the increase in employment, the unemployment rate fell faster than expected, and in the process of reopening the economy, employment accelerated. Boris Johnson Urge the British not to go”Amber list“Countries include France and Spain.

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In the news

A company founded by the son of Tsar China Finance to invest in technology Owned by Skycus Capital, founded by Liu Tianran, the son of Vice Premier Liu He Invest heavily in technology companies Including the divisions of leading internet conglomerates Tencent and According to company records seen by the Financial Times, the company manages $1.6 billion in assets and was established at the end of 2016.

The sixth from left is the most trusted economic and financial adviser of Chinese President Xi Jinping, right ©Reuters

HMRC urges help for companies at risk Unless working with companies, the UK tax authorities may face a wave of bankruptcy Work hard to pay off debts The Association of Directors and R3 warned that it will be established during the pandemic after the temporary measures expire next month.

Stolen data of Irish patients displayed online Medical and personal information about Irish patients Stolen by hackers last week Sharing online, screenshots and files seen on the “Financial Times” program. The hackers released these records to demand a further ransom of nearly 20 million dollars, including meeting minutes, equipment purchase details and correspondence with patients.

Google launches AI health tools for skin conditions This technology company is taking the most important step in its healthcare sector, launching an artificial intelligence-driven tool called Skin assistance, Which will help consumers self-diagnose hundreds of skin conditions from acne to melanoma.

Users must log in to their Google account, upload images of their medical conditions through the Derm Assist website, and answer questions about their symptoms

Users must log in to their Google account, upload images of their medical conditions through the Derm Assist website, and answer questions about their symptoms © Albina Gavrilovic / Getty

Nvidia targets chips for crypto mining As video game players face a severe shortage of high-power silicon chips and the demand for booming cryptocurrencies, the chip maker passed Intentionally restricted functionality Its most popular graphics card makes it less useful in performing the calculations required to verify crypto mining transactions.

JPMorgan Chase promotes potential Dimon successor Bank of America has Improved Marianne Lake (Marianne Lake) and Jennifer Piepszak (Jennifer Piepszak) The co-head of its consumer and community banking divisions underwent a top-level reorganization, and co-president and co-chief operating officer Gordon Smith will resign at the end of this year. Lake and Piepszak are considered potential substitutes for Jamie Dimon.

Overwork to death In 2016, more than 745,000 people died of stroke and heart disease related to overwork. According to a study From the World Health Organization. Are you ready for the workplace of the future?Hosted by the British “Financial Times” Virtual Q&A This afternoon at 5 pm BST, discuss employment trends, ways to prepare for mixed work, and how companies respond to diversity and inclusion. Register here. (NPR, FT)

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One day in the future

Fed meeting minutes After the sharp rise in inflation last week, the Central Bank of the United States today released the minutes of the April meeting.Jay Powell Reiterate After the last meeting of policymakers, the Fed is still “a long way from withdrawing monetary support.”

  • related: Lawrence Summers, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Strongly condemn the Fed Regarding the loose monetary policy, it is accused of creating “dangerous complacency” in the market and misunderstanding the economy.

inflation High inflation April reading United Kingdom Europe will be one of the strongest signs that recovery is gaining momentum.

Income summary Network equipment provider Cisco According to reports, the same is true for Chinese e-commerce group and travel booking platform

Oats IPO U.S. stock market Debut The price of Swedish oat milk producers has now risen, which marks a milestone for marketing expert Toni Petersson, who has made it one of the most well-known brands in the world.

Orcel-Sandander court showdown Andrea Orcel Santander case One of the most high-profile disputes of European banks in years went to the Madrid court for the appointment of chief executive officer. Ana Botín, chairman of Santander Bank, will appear.

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What are we still reading

Challenge China: Britain after Brexit After the 2016 referendum, British ministers optimistically discussed trade agreement negotiations with Beijing.But Duning Street had just been disbanded from Brussels and it was keen on Strengthen political and military ties Analysts described it as a new cold war with Beijing, and Washington succumbed to it.

How Arab expulsions sparked the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict The final phase of a plan hatched by right-wing Israeli settlers is underway: single out Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, use preferential property laws to expel owners, and turn entire neighborhoods into Jews.Since then, unrest has broken out across Israel and in the occupied West Bank, and Hamas has fired rockets from the Gaza Strip, leading to Israeli air strikes. Turbulent area.

  • In the U.S: Joe Biden meets with democratic American Palestinian female congressman Rashida Tlaib When he was under pressure to take more actions to stop hostilities.

  • deeper: US diplomatic and defense correspondent Katrina Manson and EU diplomatic correspondent Michael Peel discussed how the United States and Europe will respond to the conflict in Gaza on Tuesday. FT News Briefing Podcast.

There are reasons to worry about inflation in the United States When inflation starts to rise, special factors can always explain it. But in fact, the main cause of concern is not what is currently happening, but the political forces at work. Martin Wolf writes.

Martin Wolf: Judging from historical standards, both monetary and fiscal policies are expanding wildly

Martin Wolf: In terms of historical standards, monetary and fiscal policies are expanding wildly ©James Ferguson

‘The economy needs more than neoliberal medicine’ Glenn Hubbard, former dean of Columbia Business School and Republican adviser, told Gillian Tett why he needed 1980s-style neoliberalism (Ronald Reagan’s mantra ) Rethinking the 21st century. This is our latest Economist Exchange Series.

Conservatives worried about the green growth of Leafy England Traditional conservatives worry that Boris Johnson’s relentless focus on the North is damaging their southern heartland, while the construction-based “county” has angered voters. Sebastian Payne writes.

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How to change my concept of money? The 32-year-old project manager Rosie and Money clinic Because she always makes the same mistakes in budgeting. With the help of undercover economist Tim Harford and blogger Ellie Austin-Williams of the Financial Times, consumer editor Claire Bar Claer Barrett provided some suggestions.

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