Eytan Shander: Who cares about the press conferences of Joe Girardi, Nick Sirianni or anyone else?

Eytan Shander: Who cares about the press conferences of Joe Girardi, Nick Sirianni or anyone else?



“Next question.”

This is a popular phrase by Drew Rosenhaus and is now used in press conferences around the world. This is a normalized term that keeps the “squeezer” on the move and reminds the media-and the public-who is the real controller. This (in its most simplified element) shows how unnecessary your pursuit of truth has become.

Joe Girardi tried to “the next question” until the end of Sunday’s press conference, which is obviously absurd. People like Jim Salisbury were the only ones who saw a dispute in the canoe, which was a ridiculous failure of the Phillies’s judgment.

The story refuses to disappear because you need to talk about something on Monday morning. The Sixers-Magic game definitely cannot lead the way. Instead, the goal was placed directly on Girardi’s back in order to-do this-without answering questions about Jean Segura.

You skipped him; called a radio show, tweeted to the Phillies, or yelled from the roof. What steps can you take to hold Girardi responsible for this responsibility. You even question again – whether Gabe Kapler is more suitable here.

There is no doubt that this is not just a negative reaction or an overreaction at the press conference. No one rides a bike more easily than a Philadelphia sports fan. It’s not because of any naivete, if it’s just that simple??. You like this situation more than you like it!

Nick Siriani spent about two weeks, holding many press conferences, and regaining the room and the city’s money. Because of what? Has he been better dealt with in answering questions? The leap of confidence is based on simple things, like the growing comfort of the new head coach behind a zoom camera-frankly, it’s an insult.

He played rock, paper, and scissors with the kid he eventually drafted. Doug Pederson can’t put the headlights on his rental car. Holding a press conference will not change these facts. Winning the game will.

You know this. Why do you insist on obtaining the greater truth from a larger scope, whether it is a person who is unable or unwilling to have a dispute with another arguing person who is so enthusiastic about Honey Smacks that his energy” Distribute “out of victory?” If you do not keep a backup every time you encounter one of these situations, I can let it go. No one will win the press conference, they may lose the game within your sight, but there is nothing bad at the scene from ignoring or bypassing a problem. Girardi may have done more not to publicly condemn or destroy his relationship with Segura. Siriani knows very well that any zoom calls or drafting skills will not affect his control of the locker room.

You know this too!

I will never understand that there was no press conference shortly after the end of the game. Even then, as we saw in Girardi, not everything is worth responding to. Not from Jim Salisbury, nor from his problems. The reaction to the reaction always leads to absurdity. Is it a reaction to Girardi’s reaction to Salisbury, or how Siriani (suddenly) directs the room’s reaction, or how a new player wears a T-shirt or mentions cheese steak spots and melts into your heart.

The Phillies will do their best to stay ahead of the game. It’s no secret that the Hawks will climb the hill for most of next year. After the entire season, I will be angry at Girardi’s handling of players on the bench and how he handles important practical matters. After Nick Siriani has won a few football games, how cool it sounds when zoomed in, I will give him a track.

I have been in this city and its surrounding areas for nearly 25 years. I am raising a family here. I have come back here many times after choosing to go out for work. Philadelphia will be my home. I stand with you and speak for you on a larger platform, but in this case, I must exit the left stage.

NBA’s best game selection

It’s all about LeBron James. On Wednesday night, the Lakers’ score against the Warriors was increased to -8.5. You have a day and a half to make this bet, so if you don’t do this before tipping, there is no excuse… on Wednesday night!

In the world of sports betting, we are blessed from time to time by what I call “narrative betting.” In this case, it is a gift, because the most obvious conclusion is the easiest to accept. One of the best players in NBA history will not lose in the first game ever. That’s it. It’s that simple.

You don’t need a lot of metrics or data about the Lakers’ recent performance. You certainly don’t need the last 10 games between the Warriors and the Lakers. You don’t even need to know who the healthy people around LeBron and AD are.

This is one of the lowest points in LeBron’s career. I would like to say that he is a loyal supporter of LeBron on the court. He is closely related to MJ, Wilt, Kareem, Kobe and anyone you want to claim to be the best ever. Can you imagine the sports talk broadcast after LBJ failed in the battle game?

I can hear it now, “MJ never has to play in the playoffs!”

All that is missing is Chris Russo shouting Bob Cousy backstage.


If the obvious narrative is not enough, try this approach. The NBA does not allow its top moneymakers to fail in the early playoffs. Conspiracy theory? Yes it is. 100%. I don’t care how it is done, but the Lakers will cover 6-7 points. They will lock the No. 7 seed and replace Denver, possibly beating them in the first round.

Before we start betting on this series, let’s do one thing, but this is one of the few betting situations where Occam’s razor application works. Stephen Curry (Steph Curry) played well and helped lead a brave Warriors team, but he was less important to the NBA than LeBron. This is the simplest solution; the Lakers will not lose a game.

Central with Brook, Mayes and EYTAN-Best of the Week

Maybe you didn’t hear my voice? The Lakers did not lose. Watching me double-maybe triple-LeBron wins their game.

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