Chinese rover sends back the first batch of images technology news from the surface of Mars

Zhurong is expected to spend about three months on the earth to study its surface soil and atmosphere.

Solar panels set against the alien landscape, ramps and poles point to the horizon of Mars-on the weekend, after a historic landing in China, the Rover of Zhurong in China has sent back the first photo of the “red planet”.

On Saturday, this Mars rover was boarded on the unmanned spacecraft “Astronomy 1” and flew to Mars. The first successful landing of a probe by any country after its first mission to the earth.

It will study the planet’s surface soil and atmosphere and look for signs of ancient life.

The China National Aeronautics and Space Administration released images taken by cameras installed on the rover on Wednesday, showing the obstacle avoidance equipment and solar panels on the vehicle, as well as the texture of the planet’s surface.

Images taken by Mars show the planetary surface of Chinese rover Zhu Rong [China National Space Administration via Reuters]

The space agency said in the social media that shared these images: “Internet people, the image of Mars you have been longing for is here.”

Zhu Rong, named after China’s mythical god of fire, arrived a few months after the United States’ latest exploration of Mars-Perseverance, and has celebrated its milestone in China as a space superpower.

It is expected to spend about three months on the earth taking pictures and collecting geographic data.

China has come a long way in catching up with the United States and Russia. Astronauts and astronauts from the United States and Russia have decades of experience in space exploration.

It started successfully The first module of the new space station last month.

The news bulletin of the official CCTV media was played on the screen, showing the image of Mars taken by the Wanderer Zhu Rong. [Thomas Peter/Reuters]

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