Charlotte Crosby lashed out at Vicky Pattison. She refused Geordie Shore’s reunion and said “Nobody cares” her

Charlotte Crosby attacked Vicky Pattison, saying that after she rejected Geordie Shore’s class reunion, “no one cared” her.

The 31-year-old reality TV star had a conversation with his companions Scotty T Talked with James Tinsdale about the possibility of reuniting with the original actor.


Charlotte Crosby says “no one cares” Vicky PattisonCredit: Getty

Charlotte Say Vicky -People who appeared together in the original series of the show-“Think they are better than Jody ShoreWhile they are discussing who will come back.

Speak on her podcast Values ??and vibrators, She said: “This really makes us hope more than ever that we can have a party show. Imagine it. It will be fun.”

Then she asked how long they had been sitting in the same room together, and Scotty said it was “reunion five years ago.”

This is the fifth anniversary special program called “Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle”.

She talked with James Tinsdale and Scotty T on the podcast


She talked with James Tinsdale and Scotty T on the podcastCredit: BackGrid
Vicky went on to win


Vicky went on to win “I am a celebrity” and become a hostImage source: Instagram
Charlotte and her boyfriend Liam Beaumont (Liam Beaumont)


Charlotte and her boyfriend Liam Beaumont (Liam Beaumont)Image source: Instagram

When Scotty said that some people would not go to parties anymore, Charlotte said: “For example, Vicky – Vicky would never do it again… I don’t think we really Who cares about this.

“But like Gary [Gaz Beadle] No, that would be a shame. “

When James asked her if she wanted everyone to come back, she said, “No! I’m sorry to say that, because there are obviously many people I don’t know, such as Bo and Besson.

“To be honest, I don’t mind being with Bethan. But my core characters are you, Scott, James, Aaron, Gary, I can return to or leave Kyle, Holly, Ricky, Jay like everyone else. Together.

Charlotte is one of the original actors of Geordie Shore


Charlotte is one of the original Geordie Shore actorsImage source: Planet Photos

“We have all changed a lot, and this is my core staff.

“I don’t even mind that Vicky is back, but I know she will never be.”

Scotty asked: “Why? I don’t know why some people protested back?”

Charlotte added: “I think they keep going, they think they are now taller than George Shore.”

Charlotte and Vicky-pictured with Holly Hagan-are best friends on the show


Charlotte and Vicky-pictured with Holly Hagan-are best friends on the showCredit: Getty

Scotty said: “It’s not about getting higher, but about being aware of what makes you a reality, because Geordie Shore is the foundation of everyone.”

Vicky and Charlotte are in It has been six years since she withdrew from the show in 2014.

In November last year, Vicky told The Sun that her life was “going in a different direction” from other Geordie Shore stars.

She said: “As long as people with a reality show background do well, I will wave the flag and play the role of a cheerleader, so I hope they all have a good time.

Vicky left the show in 2014


Vicky left the show in 2014

“It can’t be fair. I’ve gotten rid of all of this. We haven’t kept in touch as we should.

“Usually, when you leave your job, you can’t always keep in touch with everyone. Your life is moving in a different direction. The Barry in the account seemed cool at the time, but five days later, you didn’t always check in to Barry This is natural progress.

“But fair play, I hope the actors are doing well, maybe I should keep in touch better, but I’m moving in a different direction. I wish them all the best.”

At the same time, Vicky and Gaz are two original works It will not be part of the 10th anniversary special commemorative event.

Stars appeared on MTV from the very beginning, but they missed the chance to join the two-person “Gildy Shore: Toon Decade”, as well as Charlotte Crosby, Nathan Henry, and James. Tyndale and Chloe Ferry.

Charlotte Crosby called Gaz Beadle the “biggest idiot” and claimed to be her “worst” boyfriend

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