Biden’s Court Reform Committee launches

Biden’s Court Reform Committee launches



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Committee members swear oaths at Zoom’s first public meeting

President Biden’s Supreme Court Committee held its first public meeting on Wednesday. Although the meeting mainly consisted of various forms of formalities, the commissioners previewed some of the issues they will study in the next six months, including increasing the number of judges, imposing term limits, reducing the court’s jurisdiction or requiring the court to only account for the majority. proposal. Members of Congress can invalidate bills of Congress.

Biden Committee to appoint 36 members Many liberals call on Congress to expand the size of the courts or implement other reforms. The committee is composed of legal scholars, retired judges and practicing lawyers. Its task is to study various reform ideas and submit reports to the president, but the committee will not recommend or avoid any special measures.

Christina Rodríguez, co-chair of the committee, told the panel: “We have not made specific recommendations.” “On the contrary, we will evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and legitimacy of the specific reform proposals being debated today.”

Rodriguez, a professor of Yale University Law School and a former official of the Department of Justice, and Bob Ball, a professor of law at New York University and a former White House adviser to the President, served as the driver’s seat. At the beginning of the virtual meeting, he was sworn in and approved the committee’s charter.

Then, some members summarized the five areas that the committee will study: (1) the origin of the reform debate, including why the reform of the Supreme Court has been a debate throughout the history of the United States, and what factors contributed to the recent debate, (2) the court The role in our constitutional system includes debates about the scope of judicial review and court authorization to invalidate the actions of other government departments; (3) service hours and judicial personnel turnover; (4) membership of the court, including the expansion of the court size Recommendations, and (5) the court’s case selection procedures, Shadow dossierAnd the interaction between the court and the public.

The meeting was originally scheduled to last 90 minutes, but the committee adjourned for less than half an hour.

The committee will hold six public meetings in the next 180 days, at which time its final report will be released. Expired At least two of these meetings for the President, one in late June and one in late July, will have public testimony from 24 witnesses who will submit written statements and answer questions from the commissioner.

The committee will publish a draft report in its report. website along with recording It’s public meeting. Bauer emphasized that the committee hopes to submit public comments in five key areas by August 15.

The committee will hold its next public meeting in late June and provide witness testimony.


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