A waste of brilliant start pitching may be what the Phillies did

Before his victory in Thursday’s game against the Marlins, Zack Wheeler was clearly a strong contender for Cy Young. He is the true trump card of the Phillies. He is a baseball player. One of the best ERAs with many shots and the most shots.

However, for whatever reason, he was treated indifferently by his teammates.

In the first eight games of the season, Wheeler has received more than 3.2 support per game-compared with the 142 pitchers who have played at least 5 games this year, this ratio is very close to the lowest point. He was only 3-2 in that game, and the Phillies wasted his 2.85 ERA.

He threw another 7 outstanding rounds on Tuesday, allowed a run, and separated the game with a 1-1 ratio. When the Marlins scored two goals for the eighth time, it seemed that Wheeler was destined to feel indifferent again.

But then, the Phillies rallied.

Wheeler told reporters after the victory: “We are both irritated.” He told reporters that he and Jose Alvarado were both at the club in the last game. “I quit the game 1-1 from the game, and Jose gave up the home run, so he was happy to see this happen, and we are happy to be able to watch the game on TV like everyone else.”

In an eighth of the Philadelphia game, Philadelphia had seven unexpected explosions to break this trend. In Wheeler’s game, Philadelphia surpassed .500, and Wheeler’s ERA continued to decline (he is now 2.52, Ranked in the top 11) NL) in this number.

“It’s great,” said Joe Girardi, the Phillies agent. “He shot the ball very well tonight, and he also got a pair. He did everything he could to help us win that game. He didn’t win, but that’s a big part of it.”

In baseball, winning or losing is not an important indicator-alas, Jacob deGrom won two Cy Young awards with a score of 10-9 and 11-10, respectively. However, it is no coincidence that the Mets ranked fourth and third respectively in the standings of those years, and had a total of 18 games under .500. Wheeler is likely to exchange personal honor for the World Series championship.

For the Phillies, the problem of running support is even more serious, because Wheeler is not the only player left out of the offense so far this season.

Aaron Nola also found that he received very little support, with only 3.5 runs per game, ranking 24th among 142 qualified pitchers.At the beginning of his own nine, Nola only allows four or more runs twice. However, his ledger has only three victories.

It’s not that they don’t have a chance to get a “W”. Nola and Wheeler have thrown more than 100 pitches four times this season, ranking fourth in baseball games. Wheeler’s 60.2 innings shot the most in a baseball game, and Nola’s IP of 54.1 is not bad.

In the 42 games this season, the Phillies scored no more than 2 points in 14 games, which put a lot of pressure on the salesman in one-third of the games, and it was almost perfect. It is worth noting that the Phillies were eliminated twice in these two low-scoring games this year.

The Phillies’ third starter Zach Eflin (Zach Eflin) is ranked 51.1 innings among league leaders this year (he will get more when he starts the game on Wednesday). But for some absurd reason, he received 5.0 support in every game.

Overall, this is just another by-product of offensive inconsistency. Their top three this season wasted half of their serve times. The Phillies can play an average of 4.4 games per game, ranking 18th among all 30 teams. During this period, they led the league in the number of serves per game, and ranked high in terms of starting quality and server “wins and losses”.

Knowing that the Phillies’ best pitchers need less offense to win, maybe they have a complacency about the Phillies’ batsmen. Maybe it’s just bad luck. Whatever it is, it’s clear that the Phillies’ starters (none of their fifth starters) are the team’s greatest strength, and if they hope to make the playoffs, they will not be able to waste their contributions.

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