What are they talking about: the easiest way for the 76ers to win the NBA title

What are they talking about: the easiest way for the 76ers to win the NBA title



The regular season is in a rear-view state. According to some people, the 76ers are the team to beat in the playoffs, have the first place in the Eastern Conference, have home court advantage in almost all basketball teams, and have a sound lineup.

But according to others, this is not the case.

For whatever reason, the sports betting world absolutely does not believe that the 76ers have the inside story to win the championship, despite the fact that their No. 1 seed ensures that they only need to defeat the Bucks, Nets, and Heat trio to reach the finals.

This is the reason why the NBA championship betting odds are currently disappearing. Via Pickswise:

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Bet on MGM +800 (5th best) +325 (second best)
Cartography king +1100 (best sixth) +380 (third best)
Van Dur +1200 (sixth best) +390 (third best)

Use this information to do what you want (if you like to bet on such things, the return on investment is really high). According to almost everyone who does not participate in sports, the 76ers should be regarded as the favorites to participate in the finals.

Their evaluation of the 76ers is this:

Best case?

David Murphy | Philadelphia Inquirer

For the 76ers, when they wait to start the playoff journey, things may not fall into a better position. But this is not just stupid good luck. The 76ers did what they had to do in the regular season to build their best form in the playoffs:

This is not 2019, when the 76ers entered the playoffs, knowing that they need to surpass Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo to reach the finals. This is not 2001, when the Eastern Conference playoffs were mainly about the right to lose to the Lakers or the Spurs. This is not 1990, when the Bulls and Pistons had five teams from the East and the West and won at least 54 games. For the first time since the glory of the early 1980s, the 76ers are looking for a playoff bracket that they can definitely win.

Are they the “best” team in the field? No, they may not be. They are a very good regular season team with an all-around player and stable supplies. They care more about winning the regular season than most of their peers, and they take advantage of this. They defeated the Nets in two games, in which Brooklyn missed two of the three superstars. They defeated the Heat in two games where Miami’s best players played. They played the second easiest schedule in the NBA and ranked second in the Eastern Conference’s second net scoring ranking, which is enough to win the most games. None of this gives us reason to think that the 76ers are a completely different team from the previous No. 1 seeds. These seeds are really good at winning in the regular season, but they have performed very poorly since then. [Inquirer.com]

Who should they want?

Kevin Kinkid| Across the vastness

Our own 76ers beat writer Kyle Neubeck Already deep The 76ers not only have to face which teams they want to face in the first round, but they also need to advance in all four rounds to win the championship. But is there a consensus? The 76ers happen to be 11-1 against their four potential first-round enemies, but there is a hierarchy. This is more of the first two teams in Philadelphia, and they hope to come to the Wells Fargo Center later this week:

1. Charlotte

The Hornets ended the game 33-39, losing six-sevenths.

They have a few good outside players, but no one inside, and they are a young team with no legal playoff experience other than Terry Rozier. When the 76ers swept, it was easy to fall.


Do you really want the 76ers to play against the Celtics in the playoffs?

Yes it is.

Jaylen Brown missed the season due to injury. They finished the season at five-six odds and no one can defend Joel Embiid. All the Sixers need to do is to maintain control of Jayson Tatum, and they should easily win the series. Defeating a team like the Celtics and eliminating the 76ers twice in three years will be a good confidence boost to start the playoffs. [Crossing Broad]

It’s ok

Lucas Johnson| 76 sense

On the surface, Charlotte and Boston are the weakest, but honestly, maybe it’s not worth your roots for them. As we briefly mentioned, any team participating in the competition is not a good person. Here are two other teams, the Pacers and the Wizards, and why neither of these poses a threat to Philadelphia:

The Wizards are full of energy at the guard positions of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal. Although the duo and the team may have an interesting first-round matchup, Washington lacks depth beyond the two men and Rui Hachimura. Without a good role player, they will not be able to go very far in the game against Philadelphia.

If the Indiana Pacers are healthier and have a better head coach on his way out, then they might make an interesting first-round opponent for the 76ers. However, this is not the case. The Pacers are struggling in some major areas this year and may see changes in the offseason. [Fansided]

Stop and admire

Steve Lipman| Free ballet dancer

The 76ers got a seed after one of the most successful offseasons in franchise history. They hired Daryl Morey (Daryl Morey) and Doc Rivers (Doc Rivers), made some important transactions and drafted very well. So maybe it’s time to stop and reflect on the transformation a year ago, when the team appeared in the Orlando playoff bubble with little wavering and then collapsed. What’s different in a year:

From start to finish, the 76ers are happy. Not only did they win more games, but in recent memory, they seemed to perform better than other 76ers. Outside the field, the amount of connective tissue between Embiid and Ben Simmons also seems to have increased significantly more than ever. Probably the most important: They will enter the playoffs in complete health.

In a weird year of a global pandemic (the 76ers cannot avoid it, please pay attention), the team united and won more games than any team in the East-including star-studded Brooklyn and Milwaukee, which has long plagued the league. Only two teams in the entire NBA surpassed Philadelphia’s total victories. They fought for the East and won the first seed. This major achievement deserves praise.

Soon, it’s time to turn our collective attention to the truly important games. The whole hell will be disturbing. Who knows how it turned out. Maybe they will be disappointed. Maybe they will win everything. But you know, your confidence in the 2020-21 season 76 league is gained from top to bottom, so you should take a moment to appreciate everything in this regular season. [SB Nation]

Can they score?

Jose de Leon| ESPN

If we did not comment on certain negative factors, it would not be an accurate cross-section of media reports, some of which are the No. 1 seeds of the No. 76 seed. At ESPN, at the beginning of the playoffs, they listed the focus of each playoff team, and for Philadelphia, this is their offense. Is there anything to worry about?

Their biggest worry on the road to the playoffs

Can this team score enough? Apart from the obvious possibility of injury, no one questioned Philadelphia’s ability to play a suffocating defense overall. But the 76ers’ defense ranks second, and the team’s offense ranks 13th, and the latter tends to get into trouble, especially when the three-pointers in a row start to disappear. Then there is the question of scoring late in the game-which has been a problem in Philadelphia for many years-it remains to be seen whether the team will solve this problem this season.

Their playoff cap is…

NBA champion. The 76ers are one of the few teams that should make the playoffs, just as they have a legitimate chance of winning. Brooklyn and Milwaukee are preparing to eliminate them in the Eastern Conference semifinals. It would be unacceptable for Philadelphia to at least not make it to the Eastern Conference finals. This is a feat the 76ers have not achieved in 20 years. [ESPN]

About Embiid

Zach Harper| Competitive sports

Finally, the key to this: Joel Embiid. The 76ers’ MVP candidate may single-handedly determine the distance of Philadelphia, and the latter may become the second player to be selected in the league because Nikola Jokic ranks him at center (and voting rightsists refuse to move his forward correctly or Wrong) to enter the playoffs. According to The Athletic, which Philadelphia ranks second in its final NBA power rankings (behind the Jazz), he has a lot to prove in the playoffs.

You want more players: Joel Embiid

Until we see him dominate in several playoffs and lead his team into the playoffs, many people will continue to question Embiid’s position in the NBA elite. Maybe some of them are Giannis Antetokounmpo’s hangover this season. It can spread to any star who seems to be disappointing in the playoffs. Now that the 76ers are the No. 1 seed and Embiid is a viable MVP candidate, it is time for him to bring this dominance to at least the Eastern Conference Finals, if not more. [The Athletic]

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