Trudeau said that “a few weeks ago” he was informed of Fortin’s investigation.

Trudeau said that “a few weeks ago” he was informed of Fortin’s investigation.



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was aware of the investigation of the major general. Dany Fortin was a public figure in the vaccine distribution a few weeks ago, but there are no details of the allegations of sexual misconduct.

After an allegation of sexual misconduct was filed, Fortin left the position on Friday. Sources told CBC News on Friday that allegations of sexual misconduct against Fortin began in 2015 and “Operation Honour,” a campaign that the military has now cancelled to eliminate misconduct in the team.

Confidential sources who were unable to comment publicly due to the sensitivity of the files would not explain the nature of the allegations. However, on Sunday, CTV News reported that the accusation involved an allegation of indecent exposure. The act began more than 30 years when Fortin attended the Royal Military Academy in Saint-Jean, Quebec.

Trudeau said in an interview: “This is properly led and followed up by appropriate authorities and military leaders. In this case, these authorities can make up their minds to notify me and my office. In this case, They have done this a few weeks ago.” On Tuesday, he was interviewed by the media for the first time since the press release.

“However, since under appropriate circumstances, I have not received detailed information about the alleged matter and the latest situation of the investigation, it is not appropriate for me to comment on the investigation.”

Fortin’s lawyer Cmdr. Marc Létourneau said his client discovered the allegations this weekend and will fight the claims.

Letournau said in a written statement: “This is a journalist who notified Major General Foldan of the allegations against him on Sunday, May 16.”

“This completely surprised him. He categorically denied this accusation.”

Watch | Trudeau reacts to allegations against Fortin

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he did not get many details about the charges against the major general. Dany Fortin, former head of COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Canada. 1:39


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