Ryan Reynolds’ documentary series Rob McElhenney will follow the duo’s professional football team experiment

Ryan Reynolds’ documentary series Rob McElhenney will follow the duo’s professional football team experiment



Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds decided that they wanted to work together in one form or another before meeting face to face. The bond they built on social media evolved into an ambitious decision to jointly purchase the world’s third largest “football club” Wrexham Football Club (Wrexham AFC).

The fact is that McCainney and Reynolds know nothing about a sports team. Their task is to resurrect a once glorious club that has fallen into a relatively obscure state in the European professional football world.

Regardless of their success or failure, the audience will have the opportunity to watch their journey on FX. The two actors will jointly produce a documentary called “Welcome to Wrexham” (Welcome to Wrexham). The news was posted on Instagram today with the help of a Welsh translator, and he mocked McElhenney’s relationship with Philadelphia.

Wrexham Football Club (Wrexham AFC) was founded in 1864 and is still an important part of the working-class community. They are currently in the fifth tier of English football’s national league. Since being elected to the Football League for the first time in 1921, this is the lowest level of the game they have played.

The club’s main stadium, the racecourse, is the oldest international stadium in the world and is still hosting international competitions. Wrexham United (Wrexham AFC) won the third division championship in the 1977-78 season and has won the Welsh Cup 23 consecutive times, but he has not become a member of international football for decades.

Before McElhenney and Reynolds acquired the club, Wrexham AFC has been fan-owned since 2011. Voters approved the deal last year because the two wanted to make Wrexham AFC a global name again. Wrexham Football Club (Wrexham AFC) is still the backbone of the community for a small town of about 65,000 people.

The documentary series will be produced by the “Chef’s Table” costume Boardwalk Pictures and produced by a team led by McElhenney and Reynolds. deadline. FX signed for at least two seasons.

Nick Grad, President of FX Entertainment’s original programming, said: “Rob and Ryan will bring fans into this sport. This is unprecedented. They will love the game and build a club tradition. The gratifying challenge of combining.

McElhenney and Reynolds have entered a fanatical world, and if they are out of place with fans, they will be hostile to American car owners.Owned by the Glazer family, which owns the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Premier League Manchester United Become the subject of anti-ownership protests This led to clashes with the police and postponed the match with Liverpool.

Considering the documentary series and Wrexham’s recognition of the new ownership, it seems that McElhenney and Reynolds are off to a good start.

The premiere date of “Welcome to Wrexham” has not yet been announced.


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