Putin’s missiles are “capable of destroying American cities” and will be ready by the “end of summer”

According to people familiar with the matter, Russia is preparing to launch its new “unstoppable” Zyklon hypersonic aircraft before the “end of summer.”

Allegedly, Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) regarded lethal weapons as the first choice for targeting American cities in the event of a nuclear conflict.

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Russia will launch new “unstoppable” supersonic missiles from its warshipsCredit: Sevmash
Sources say Putin sees weapons as the first choice for targeting U.S. cities

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Sources say Putin sees weapons as the first choice for targeting U.S. citiesImage source: Kremlin.ru

The weapon can reach a speed of 6,100 miles per hour and is said to be “capable of destroying American cities” and is expected to be put into use next year.

The source of the artificial satellite said: “The test of the missile system planned to use zircon hypersonic missiles on surface ships is planned to be completed before the end of this year.”

“The test will be carried out on the frigate of Admiral Gorshkov.

“Planned to fire several shells at sea and ground targets.”

They added that before the final test, the Gorshkov warship had been moved to the secret White Sea naval port Severodvinsk.

The video shows that the zircon test was carried out in the past year, and the Russians said it was successful, although few details appeared.

“The Sun” previously reported that the missile’s trail has been going on for some time, with “a total of four launches” in March.

The source said that all test-fired missiles “hit the bullseye.”

Current reports indicate that the breakdown of the new fourth-generation submarine (caused by the carrying of destructive weapons) is the only way to stop the operation.

The world’s most “dangerous and elusive” warship-Yasen-M-class Kazan-entered service this month.

However, the latest report from the official news agency TASS (TASS) shows that the ship is noisier than the latest competitors in Britain, the United States and France, and it lacks torpedo protection against the enemy.

This is an evolving story…

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