Practice notes: Participate in the competition to provide a post-training camp for the 76ers

Whether you like or hate the new NBA games, the 76ers can now benefit from it. After a regular season, they had almost no time to practice training, the 76ers trained for a whole week and locked the No. 1 seed and then refocused. Doc Rivers said this is the closest training camp they will ever have to the start of the playoffs.

Rivers said: “This is a training camp for the playoffs.” “In the regular season, you are just learning how to play against each other. For the playoffs, you are fine-tuning what you already know. So this is what we are doing. thing. In the second half of the season, we experienced a lot of slips. All these people lacked competitions and lacked a lot of competitions without practice. So this just gave us an opportunity to improve our tools. “

In a non-traditional season, this is a rare opportunity. When the 76ers were able to get practice days this year, they came during a rare period of two consecutive rest days, and those rest days were so precious that they could not go all out to promote significant growth. The day here and there will be used to review the concept, but the player admits that the live sequence is few and far apart. They have plenty of room to achieve this goal before the opener of the playoffs on the 23rd.

This is the best news-Philadelphia’s full lineup can be used for the first playoff practice of the year, and Matisse Thybulle rejoined the team after missing the game to protect his injured hand. With the first players taking a vacation in the last game of the season, the 76ers’ most important players will have more than a week between their last regular game appearance and the first game of the playoffs. Now, the balancing exercise begins. How hard is your work with this team every day, between now and their opening game on Sunday, what will you try to do?

From the sound of things, this will be a very simple formula: the first two days are hard, a relaxing day on Thursday, the intensity will be increased again on Friday, and then on Saturday, it will transition to shooting level practice to save leg strength. . Corkscrew. The 76ers want to make sure they use their time without wasting time and put anyone in danger before the game starts.

Looking down at the meeting from their habitat, they still feel that they have work to do. On Tuesday afternoon, Rivers repeatedly mentioned the decline of Philadelphia’s status. Although they were able to win to secure the top spot in the Eastern Conference, the decline seemed obvious. There are still many shortcomings in offensive executions, and Rivers sees this week as an opportunity to revisit the basics and focus on putting them into practice.

Rivers said Tuesday: “When different people pass the ball to the post, or when different people put the ball on the elbow, it just makes our felling sharper and we can clean up our execution offensively. “Rivers said. “I really think the landslide in the second half of the season is a good performance for us. I think a lot [was] When we hurt the team, you just slipped mentally. Back to what I think is really important to us…especially in terms of spacing and cutting, I think we are also very lazy about this. “

Please note that transitional defense may be the 76ers’ first priority when entering the camp. This is their biggest weakness in a great defensive season, and Rivers recently claimed that they will stay on the facility for five days before the playoffs. Whether it is true or false, this is an area where the foundation can be laid through basic work and attention to detail. The pitstop promise at the playoff level is a completely different animal.

Fortunately for the 76ers, some of them are always around and know this. There are older vets like Danny Green, George Hill, and Dwight Howard, and Joel Embiid, Toby Experienced core figures such as Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons, and even some younger role players, have all appeared in the playoffs. As Rivers put it, they know the value of a single property at this time of the year. There is not much room for error, whether it means a mistake, a bad offense or a tactical mistake on the coaching side, such as a lineup that is doomed to fail. Most importantly, they must be prepared for speed.

Harris said on Tuesday: “The speed and tempo of the game has increased. The ending of the game is stronger and the weaker side helps faster, so the game only increased by 2, 3, 4 gears.” “Those are improving. The guys who are playing to the maximum, maximizing the flow of the game, are able to get out of there and enter a good rhythm and flow down from that rhythm… The level of concentration is the biggest thing. Night at night, night at night is the game improvement The biggest factor.”

At home, the 76ers are looking forward to some R&R and basketball games on TV. The head coach has been asked in the past about his obscure restaurant recommendations in Philadelphia. He claimed that when he participates in the final playoffs, he will enjoy Italian food from the car and hearty from steak 48 in front of him. Meals. Tobias Harris recently told reporters that taking a day off is like taking a vacation. He is happy to watch a competitive basketball game on the comfortable sofa, and the endless training has eased him. This gives everyone a chance to reset the game.

Mental recovery may be as precious as time for rest, recuperation, and training. At the time of writing, there are four possible opponents, and the 76ers are still playing the waiting game until they enter the tournament to eliminate their opponents. Currently, the 76ers said that they are studying several different concepts of each team every day until everything is determined.

Moreover, if you believe in the head coach, then they will not be too weed in any team. They are the front runners of this conference, and they believe that if they can bring their energy to their best version, their energy will be the most productive.

“We are almost completely focused on us now. To be honest, assuming we know our opponent, we will not train our opponent until Thursday anyway. What I want to say is that a few days ago, we will really focus on us. “, Rivers said.

Other matters needing attention

“How do you feel about participating in the competition?” For players in the second half of the season, this has always been a very common problem, either because journalists are really interested, or because they have inspired league partners to increase interest in these games that did not exist before the pandemic. LeBron James (LeBron James) strongly opposed this concept, but it is worth mentioning that this is clearly when his own team is on the offensive track.

During his internship on Tuesday, Harris gave the best and most honest answer to this concept:

Harris told reporters: “I am a fan because we are not among them.” “You feel me?”

One person’s opinion: It’s great to give top players a break and increase excitement at the end of the year, but I don’t agree with the basic belief that it will make more games more meaningful to some extent. The tank team is still in a tank state (more aggressive in some cases), the fringe team participates in the game, and the top seed has gone through various stages of mailing work, depending on the opponent. After the season, the NBA was in trouble, and this year’s situation was worse than ever. This is not the solution to the problem.

Seth Curry’s game against COVID-19 In the last month of the season, the sharpshooter has played some of his best (or at least the most efficient) basketball. For the 76ers, getting a formal curry in the playoffs is definitely huge for him, especially because Rivers has zero interest in playing toys with different starting teams after a very successful year.

Don’t think that this means that he has completely gotten out of trouble. Curry said that although he does not have to use the inhaler before La Jayson Tatum’s game, he said that the Boston team’s remarks about COVID after the fight sounded very similar to his daily life. At this point, he said it was mainly about managing and playing it.

“Somewhat similar [to Tatum]. It’s hard to explain, the overall feeling is a little different. I sometimes breathe a little differently, a little tired,” Curry said, “but I am very healthy, come back and try to breathe. I just want to be patient with myself and hope to return to how I felt before. But I’m good enough to go back to the floor, so this is the good part. “

In early January, curry was ruled out because of a positive COVID test. I hope his side effects will end in the near future.

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