Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) laughed at “Mare of Easttown” (Mare of Easttown), and P! nk talks about her new documentary

When host Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) made fun of “Mare of Easttown” (Mare of Easttown), the Philadelphia area was well represented on Monday’s “Tonight Show”, and with Pan Ji (P!nk) Talked about her new documentary premiering this Friday.

Fallon appeared repeatedly in his show, and he shared episodes of podcasts that did not actually exist. One of the fake podcasts was titled “Easttown’s Snowman”, which was nicknamed the mysterious story of a scripted murder case. Cher served as a tenacious detective in a small town in Pennsylvania and starred Cher.

In the clip, there is a detective’s voice talking to Cher about the investigation, and the musician responds with the lyrics from her 1998 hit song “Believe”. Her response to detective voices included “I can’t break through”, “I really don’t think I’m strong enough” and “Well, I can’t do this.”

Other virtual podcasts hosted by Fallon include a relationship counseling show with President Joe Biden, the appearance of the tonal room in the “Fast & Furious” movie series, and the dialogue in the cockpit of Spirit Airlines.

Recently, the “Man of Easttown” was also deceived. “Saturday Night Live” in a sketch called “Murdur Durdur”, Made fun of performances and many other cultural references to the Philadelphia area.

“Mad Men in Eastern Town” is a drama about the Philadelphia suburban detective Mare Sheehan played by British actress Kate Winslet, who is working to solve two local murders. At the same time, he went through hardships in his own life.

Winslet With a heavy Delco accent On the Murder Mystery show in a small town in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. HBO and HBO Max aired the new “Mare of the Oriental Town” program at 10pm on Sunday night.

Monday, P! nk became a guest and further promoted the show’s connection with Philadelphia, where she and Fallon talked about the premiere of the new documentary on Amazon Prime Video this Friday.

“P!nk: Everything I know so far” closely follows the behind-the-scenes story of the beautiful trauma world tour of a native of Dollstown in Bucks County and how she balances her journey as a performer, mother and wife In life. Her tour includes 156 performances in 18 countries/regions in 2018 and 2019.

The documentary and follow-up live album are the first in the career of the three-time Grammy Award winner. The film is directed by Michael Gracey, who is also the director of “The Greatest Performer”.

P! nk said: “I have listened to this list from beginning to end, and it feels great.” “20 years later, I think many people still think that I am just this kind of annoying person, annoying, noisy…but we do a lot of fun The cover of the song, so many types of music, it makes me feel good.”

P! nk also joked that this documentary will prove that “any story my child has about me” is incorrect.

The singer and songwriter is also scheduled to win the Idol Award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles this weekend. The award was established in 2011 to recognize artists and their contributions to the music industry. Previous winners include Garth Brooks, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.

“It’s amazing,” P! nk said. “This is a great honor. Whenever they give me eight minutes of performance time, it starts. I may look forward to this performance more than I have expected for a long time. I am very nervous.”

P! nk and Fallon also played the “song title” game, they had to guess the name of the song from the wrong version of the title.

The 2021 Billboard Music Awards will be broadcast on NBC this Sunday at 8pm. The ceremony will be hosted by Nick Jonas.

Weeknd has the most nominations, a total of 16 people, including Top Artist. Taylor Swift was shortlisted for four nominations, including the best female singer award. The new album “Letter to You” by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band was shortlisted for the Top Rock album.

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