Wildfire consumes 900 acres of Bass River State Forest in New Jersey

Firefighters are working to contain a wildfire that has consumed about 900 acres of Bass River State Forest and put about 100 buildings at risk.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Department said the fire was first discovered at the Bass River Fire Tower in the forest east of Garden State Park Avenue at about 4 pm on Sunday. Access to the part of the forest where the fire started is limited.

Firefighters are working to control the fire south of Stage Road in parts of Otis Marsh Road, Little Egg Harbor, Dayang County, and Burlington County.

Firefighters are carrying out burnout actions by setting up smaller controlled fires to protect the buildings and houses developed along Stage Road and Offshore Manor on Route 9 of Xiaodangang. More firefighters have been called to help protect property in the area.

Evacuation is voluntary, but people are encouraged to avoid the area. Pinelands Middle School has established a designated shelter for residents. Part of the road on Route 9 was blocked due to heavy smoke on the road.

Allegedly, fire surveillance and control operations continued throughout the night 6ABC. About 70 New Jersey Forest Fire Department firefighters from the southern and central parts of the state responded to the scene. About 150 structural firefighters from 39 local fire stations have worked hard to protect surrounding houses.

Rob Gill of the New Jersey Forest Fire Department told the radio that the fire was approaching the end of the fire season.

Gil said: “It depends on the piece of land where the fire broke out.” “It will vary from a quarter acre to a fire like this. It all depends on the ground, the type of fuel, and the terrain. There are many factors that determine the intensity of the fire. “

According to reports on Monday, heavy smoke is still billowing and spreading to nearby communities and towns. NBC10.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no reports of injuries.

Bass River State Forest It covers an area of ??more than 25,000 acres, including part of the ecologically sensitive pine barren land, which contains many rare plants and animals. It was established in 1905 and is the first state forest in New Jersey. Recreation activities include camping, hiking, fishing and swimming.

Here are some shots of the fire:

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