Which countries are on the UK Green Travel List?

After the government announced the list of countries with no travel restrictions, BRITS has been allowed to give the green light during the summer vacation.

But which countries make the list?

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This summer, a few resorts have been added to the UK’s green listCredit: Alami

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Which countries are on the green list?

Countries on the Green List have low infection rates and stable numbers of vaccines distributed.

With the restart of foreign holidays, holidaymakers can now fly to these countries without worrying about quarantine restrictions.

However, travel requires pre-flight Covid test and PCR test on the second day of returning to the UK.

Amber countries require a 10-day mandatory quarantine at home and a Covid test on the second and eighth days.

Red countries/regions will need to be quarantined in an isolation hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750 per person.

Britons are now able to travel to green-listed countries


Britons are now able to travel to green-listed countriesCredit: Alami


Portugal confirmed British tourists are now allowed to visit country.

Portugal was added to the UK’s green list on May 7. This means that British travelers can spend their holidays in the UK without having to quarantine when returning to the UK.

Despite fears of canceling the wave, Portugal also Expanded “disaster state” It was not until May 30 that the British Foreign Secretary announced that it would allow Britons to carry Covid-19 with a negative test result.

They also need swabs to return home.

Hotels in the sunny Algarve have been disturbed by a lot of phone calls, as about 3,000 Britons seeking sunshine will leave for Portugal on Monday.

At the same time, the British went to Portugal Has been warned to wait six hours in the airport queue.

Portugal So far, Europe is the only major European country on the green list of non-quarantine travel.

When it rains in the UK next week, Portugal will be bathed in high temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit). The comparison site TravelSupermarket claims that search for vacation packages there has soared by 865%.

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Gibraltar is one of the few countries on the green list, Because it is the first country to provide vaccines to all people.

In total, Gibraltar Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 4286 Covid cases and another 94 deaths, but no new deaths or cases have been reported.

The country recently confirmed that British tourists are not required to take the Covid test, as long as they have not been to any other destinations 14 days before the trip.

Restaurants and bars are open indoors and outdoors, and there is a cable car to the top of the famous Rock of Gibraltar tourist resort.

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British people can travel to Israel without worrying about being quarantined, but you will need to Coronavirus disease Test results for entering the UK when you return.

The country will open its borders for vaccinated tourists from May 23, but you will have to undergo a serological test to prove that you have suffered a stabbing.

however Office of Foreign Affairs, Federal and Development (FCDO) They recently updated their travel recommendations in the country, and currently recommend that “based on the current assessment of security and COVID-19 risks, all necessary travel to the rest of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory is prohibited.”

Portugal and Gibraltar are two of the European green countries


Portugal and Gibraltar are two of the European green countriesCredit: Rex


Australia is on the government’s green list, but currently outside the local bubble, most tourists are not open to Australia.

At present, most tourists can cut off entry before June 17 at the earliest, so although the United Kingdom has been included in the green list, it is still uncertain whether the country will open for summer vacation.

Their vaccine was launched on February 22-much later than in the UK-and it is estimated that two-thirds of the population have been immunized with just two doses.

Both Pfizer and AstraZeneca coronavirus are used.

As the country increases its vaccination program, the United States may even have a holiday in June.
As the country increases its vaccination program, the United States may even have a holiday in June.

new Zealand

As in Australia, there is currently no comparable data on the Covid-19 infection rate due to the low incidence, but the total number of deaths in the entire pandemic is 26.

However, compared with other countries on the list, its vaccination work is progressing slowly-only Pfizer has been approved by the regulatory agency, and one percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.

The New Zealand border is currently closed to international travelers, so it will not be open one day during the summer vacation.

The FCDO said that “almost all entrants are currently prohibited from entering the country” and still carry out quarantine and multiple inspections for those who travel under special circumstances.

New Zealand on the UK's green list


New Zealand on the UK’s green listCredit: Alami

Europe and the rest of the world

Boris Johnson said he will not add more destinations Adding to the green list is a blow to millions of hopeful vacationers.

Other holiday hotspots, such as Spain and Italy are also expected to open For Britons, but the Prime Minister stated that the government considers India’s Covid-19 variant to pose a “real interruption risk” and will remain cautious when returning to travel abroad.

Mr. Johnson said at a press conference on Friday: “What we mean at this press conference is that we do see that the new version is indeed at risk of being destroyed. We believe that, in general, the current plan is to proceed. Correct. The number is low and the hospitalization rate has not risen.

“But obviously, we are still alive to any changes in the data, and we will respond accordingly. I think the same caution should apply to people considering traveling abroad.

“The list you know is very limited, and we will ensure that people traveling abroad are subject to all tests and restrictions, because people expect these tests and restrictions to prevent the virus from being re-imported.

“This is a small list of countries, and I don’t hope we will add it anytime soon.”

The British have been allowed to go to Gibraltar


The British have been allowed to go to GibraltarCredit: Getty

What are the travel rules?

May 17th marked that the trip could finally be passed.

Anyone returning to the UK must still undergo a 72-hour pre-departure test before travelling. This can be a lateral flow test or a PCR test.

No quarantine or other inspections are required when returning the goods, unless the inspection is positive upon arrival.

The next review will take place within three weeks-on May 28.

The British can now fly out again


The British can now fly out againCredit: Getty

When can I go to the Green List Resort?

Grant Shapps said that vaccinated people can use the NHS app to show when they are going on vacation from now on.

In the future, the government will also issue a green watch list to provide instructions when determining a country/region as a changing country/region.

The British are advised not to book anything on the amber list, just in case the situation worsens and turns red.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the government is now “not telling people that they shouldn’t book a holiday abroad”

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