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Three years after the shocking conclusion, the psychological drama “The Innocent” returns to our screen tonight (May 17).

But what will happen in the second season of ITV’s favorite-equipped with a brand new cast-what do you think?

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Former Corey star Katherine Kelly takes the leadCredit: Getty

When does the innocent begin?

The second season of Innocence will begin on Monday, May 17 TV station.

Psychodrama was put back into use in May 2019, Filming began in September 2020 in the Lake District and Ireland.

The creator of the show has developed a new storyline, so the innocent will not continue the previous season.

But the premise of the popular show has not changed-it still has a role that has been released from prison in advance and must be rebuilt.

However, unlike the first season, the audience will never know whether the protagonist is guilty or not from the beginning.

ITV drama commissioner Huw Kennair Jones praised the new season, saying: “Innocent II is a thriller that will let you guess at the end.

“[Writers] The excellent scripts of Chris and Matt are fascinating, and the connection between the characters is incredible. “

    Stranger star Shaun Dooley (Shaun Dooley) also performed in the second season

2 pcs

Stranger star Shaun Dooley (Shaun Dooley) also performed in the second seasonCredit: Getty Images-Getty

What is innocent?

The new season will center on a new cast.

Former favorite Katherine Kelly on Coronation Street Play the protagonist of the school teacher Sally Wright (Sally Wright), who is said to have an affair with a 16-year-old student.

When the boy was later stabbed to death, she was convicted of murder.

When new evidence emerged, Sally was later released-but her reputation was in a shabby condition.

Speaking of her role in the TV series, Kelly said: “I am very happy to prepare for this complex and exciting TV series produced by Matt Arlidge and Chris Lang.

“I look forward to combining Sally’s fragility and quiet power.”

How can I see innocence?

The first episode of the new season will be screened at 9 pm on May 17.

You can also stream Innocent through the ITV hub-so if you miss the episode, don’t worry.

Since this is a brand new storyline, you don’t need to watch the first season to understand what’s going on.

However, if you are interested in watching the first four-part drama, you can watch it on demand through the ITV hub.

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