Voice update in real time for Season 20

Voice update in real time for Season 20



The 20th season of “The Voice” is coming to an end, and the remaining singers will compete in a five-way real-time quiz to have a chance to win the fifth and last place in the finals.

sound Two episodes will be broadcast this week, the first episode will be held on May 17th, and the second episode will be held on May 18th, which will determine who will enter the finals.

There is still one round before the remaining 9 players enter the finals.

After eliminating nearly half of the singers, each coach is left with two singers-except Kelly Clarkson, And Gihanna Zoë, Wheeler and Corey Ward have 3 members.

The remaining 9 singers will participate in the Live Top 9 performance competition on May 17, and the results will be shown in the episode on May 18.

Fans can watch NBC at 8pm on May 17th and May 18th to watch the rest of The Voice episode.

The top voter of each team will automatically win a chance to participate in the finals, while the remaining artists will compete in five instant matches, thus having a chance to win the fifth and last place in the finals.

team Blake SheltonContestant Cam Anthony (Cam Anthony) won a place in the next round of the competition after winning the vote in the United States, and the country singer used his bailout to buy Jordan Matthew Young .

At the same time, only two of Nick Jonas’s contestants, Rachel Mac and Dana Monique, won seats in the competition.

John LegendVictor Solomon’s team member got the most overnight votes, and the coach used his bailout to Pia Renee.

The audience also voted for the Clarkson team player Kenzie Wheeler (Kenzie Wheeler) to enter the next round, and the singer used her bailout (Gihanna Zoë).

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  • Team brake

    The country singer has young star and fan favorite Cam Anthony (Cam Anthony) in the top 9.

    Rock singer Jordan Matthew Young will join him as Blake’s last two artists.

  • Nick’s choice

    The newest star to join the coaching team-and the youngest member-hopes to get his first victory through the finalists.

    The 28-year-old Nick Jonas lead singers Dana Monique and Rachel Mac entered the top 9 on behalf of his team.

    The two ladies performed a wide range of performances-Dana played large ballads and Rachel provided whispering high notes.

    Despite the fierce competition, the Jonas Brothers are still optimistic that he will get rid of the coaching championship in the 20th season.

  • First 9 times

    The first part of The Voice finale will see the top 9 contestants competing on a large stage this season.

    Kelly Clarkson’s competitor Corey Ward won last week’s Instant Save, which gave him a place in tonight’s performance.

    Gihanna Zoe and Kenzie Wheeler will join him.


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