The local school will continue to perform tasks until the end of the school year

San Diego—As children under 12 still cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine, students, faculty and staff in San Diego County are still required to wear masks until the end of the school year.

The county announced on Monday that it will follow the state’s leadership and wait until On June 15, state officials are expected to implement new guidelines to allow fully vaccinated personnel to not use masks.

On Monday Monday, parents gathered outside the county administrative building and said their children could wear maskless clothes in the classroom.

Dr. Howard Taras, a pediatrician at the University of California, San Diego Health, said: “Whether it is elementary or middle school, the vast majority of residents will not be vaccinated.”

Tara said he believes that the CDC may have opened its eyes in the decision to relax mask requirements.

“If you are talking about a child passing it on to another child and then passing it on to another child – suppose this child lasts for three, four or five children and they either have no symptoms or rarely Symptoms appear-it sounds like we really haven’t done a lot of bad things yet. However, if each of these children has adults who cannot be vaccinated, then we have a problem. ”

He said that this is not the only problem. Whenever a virus spreads from one person to another, this is an opportunity for the virus to mutate.

Taras said: “We may get variants of the virus, and these variants may not be used with our current vaccines.”

FOX 5 talked to a mother who opposed masks from the beginning. He felt that masks do more harm than good.

The woman, who refused to reveal her identity, said: “It’s strange that they suddenly dangled in front of us.” “Oh, you are vaccinated, so you don’t have to wear a mask. What’s next? Now we are going to vaccinate the children. Isn’t it?’”

She bluntly criticized the handling of the pandemic. She said she had been attending rallies and was worried that the request to wear a mask would provide her child with a vaccine.

“It’s really scary to see that this vaccine has been used for a year. It still hasn’t been approved by the FDA, and people are okay with this experiment.”

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