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The star logo is most likely to be the champion

Kerry King revealed the star most likely to cheat, so is your partner on the list?

According to experts, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini and Libra are all on the “just powerless” side of “getting out of relationship”.

She said: “Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs, which means that their passion determines them first. They are shiny, spontaneous, dramatic, provocative and attractive.

“Their sexual abilities put them in the danger zone of affairs. They tend to live in the moment and follow their heart (or other parts of the anatomy), making them prone to making wrong choices.

Cancer is a fool of love and requires a lot of loyalty and affection in relationships. If they are not at home, but to serve in other places, then they will be 100% inclined to go to places that can better meet their needs. They just need love. They are also super secretions.

“Gemini is a downright badass. Geminis like shiny new things and don’t like to be tied to any form of routine or humility, including relationships. Geminis do this because they can do it, and because They believe that if they can get rid of it, then they should do it. YOLO.

“Libra is ruled by Venus, the god of love, and is the “lovable thing” of the zodiac, also known as the son of the universe.

“Libras like to fall in love, are experts in flirting, enjoy all kinds of sexual foreplay, and plan to focus on the excitement of chasing rather than long-term commitments. A classic sad person.”

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