Richard Bland burst into tears after 478 attempts at the age of 48 to win the first European Tour title of the British Masters

Richard Bland burst into tears after 478 attempts at the age of 48 to win the first European Tour title of the British Masters



RICHARD BLAND said that football legend Matt Le Tissier was not the only one who shed his best friend after winning the historic British Masters. People with tears.

Tissot, He occasionally trains for life Southampton The British golfer won his first European Tour Championship-after his 478th attempt, he posted a thankful tribute on Twitter.

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Richard Bland celebrates his historic British Masters victoryCredit: Getty

Bland, 48, defeated Italy’s Guido Mgilozzi in Belfry’s shocking playoffs, who received a championship prize of £290,000. And became the oldest first-time champion of the tour.

Le Tissier’s video message said: “I’ve never watched the playoffs so nervously. There is nothing in this world that makes me cry, Brandi, but you are one of them. That’s great. Dude, it’s done. it is good.”

Brand said that tears continued to flow when he was “crazy” celebrating a celebration he would have been forced to miss.

He explained: “I was driving another British golfer Oliver Wilson from the clock tower to Heathrow Airport So that he can fly to the United States, I told him that there is a party going on at my sister’s house in Southampton.

“My parents and many family and friends celebrated my victory, but I said I was exhausted and I would catch up with them again to celebrate.

“But Olly said I have to go to them because this is a great opportunity to take a week off from the European Tour. United States Golf Association Still going on, if I don’t go, I will regret it.

“He said that when he got his first victory, he couldn’t have as much fun as he wanted because he played again a few days later.

“So I called my sister and told her not to tell my parents, but I will be there after 9pm and surprise them. You can imagine the scene-tears, laughter, back shots, etc.

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“I had a headache when I woke up, but it was worth it. This victory has been for a long time, and I am very happy that I can make the most of this victory.

“I saw Matt’s message, which also made me feel swollen. For many years, we have been good friends-one of the comforts of being a supporter of the saint-from Scotland to Singapore, he has helped me several times. Trained.

“I think he will be the winner of the European Tour now, next time we shoot a few more shots. But this is impossible. I would rather take his cash. He has had enough!”

In addition to the two-year European Tour exemption, allowing him to exceed the age eligible to participate in the Seniors Tour, Brand also looks forward to receiving another bonus-the US Open next month.

The British Masters is the first of three qualifying games for Torrey Pines. Before the end of the European Open on June 6th, the top ten earners will win the U.S. Professional Championship Grand Slam position.

And Bland has made enough money to start booking flights to California.

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