Pro-Trump Congressman Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking | Business Wire Children’s Rights News

Pro-Trump Congressman Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking | Business Wire Children’s Rights News



Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty to trafficking in minors because of an in-depth investigation of the actions of representative Matt Gaetz and minor girls.

Florida politicians stand out among important figures in the Justice Department Sex Trafficking Investigation Enter Republican representative Matt Gaetz pleaded guilty to six federal charges on Monday and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors as part of the plea agreement.

Gaetz’s long-term partner, Joel Greenberg, appeared in a federal court in Orlando, Florida. He pleaded guilty to six of the nearly three dozen charges he faced, including sex dealing with minors, and he admitted that he had paid at least one underage girl to have sex with him and other men.

Gates Enthusiastic supporter The name of former President Donald Trump was not mentioned in the plea agreement or in court hearings.

But Greenberg’s cooperation-as a key figure in the investigation and a close ally of Gates-may escalate the potential legal and political responsibilities faced by Florida State firefighter lawmakers.

Representative Matt Gaetz speaks to the crowd at the Donald Trump presidential campaign rally held at Ocala International Airport in Ocala, Florida, October 16, 2020 [File: Phelan M Ebenhack/AP Photo]

Federal prosecutors are checking whether Gates Two people familiar with the matter said Greenberg paid minors or offered gifts in exchange for sex.

These people were aware of the investigation, but were not allowed to discuss the ongoing investigation publicly, and talked to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

According to news reports and a law enforcement source who spoke with Reuters, investigators are seeking to determine whether Gates had sex with the 17-year-old boy accused of human trafficking in Greenberg.

People familiar with the matter said investigators have also been studying whether Gates and his colleagues are trying to get government jobs for certain women. They are also reviewing Gates’ relationship with the medical marijuana industry, including whether his colleagues are trying to influence the legislation that Gates initiated.

Greenberg’s lawyer Fritz Scheller hinted to reporters last month that Greenberg’s cooperation with federal investigators may have an impact on Gates.

In court hearings, after the prosecutor stated that the imminent plea deal was coming, Scherer said in April: “I’m sure Matt Gates will not be very comfortable today.”

Gates denied these allegations and any allegations of misconduct, and has repeatedly stated that he will not resign from Congress. A spokesperson said that Gates “never had sex with minors, and never paid any price for sex.”


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