Primark fans were taken aback. A hair dryer for about £12 can fix the lock in three minutes and said it is better than a Dyson for £240.

Since Primark fans have been bargaining for £12 equipment from cheap retailers, they have to buy an expensive Dyson hair dryer.

A shopper went to Facebook and said that it dried his hair in just three minutes, making it appear plump.


Credit: Primark

Join the group Primack Halls, They wrote: “Just want to say that the rumors about this hair dryer are so correct!

“It dries my hair completely, faster than any other hair dryer I own. It takes up to 3 minutes. I can spend longer on other hair dryers and it looks completely dry. I turn it off, but I My hair is still moist in some places, this is because it is too thick!

“It also feels that my hair is very fluffy. I really like this cute but powerful little hair dryer. It’s really great!”

At the same time, another shopper said that a £12 hair dryer is An exact copy of Dyson’s high-priced £240 version.

Katie Arter reviewed Primark products on her TikTok


Katie Arter reviewed Primark products on her TikTokCredit: TikTok / @katiearter

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The hair dryer is part of a product line designed by Kardashian hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who first launched his product line in the store in February 2020.

The millennial pink styler has been taken off the shelf and has been continuously compared with the Dyson supersonic hair dryer (the price is almost 20 times its price).

Katie Arter shared her review of bargaining style tools TikTok Make a note of where she found it to dry her hair within a few minutes.

Katie uses the straightened diffuser on the dryer in the clip to make her lock look smooth and smooth within a few minutes.

The hair dryer is part of a series designed by Kardashian hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons


The hair dryer is part of a series designed by Kardashian hairstylist Andrew FitzsimonsCredit: TikTok / @katiearter

Then, after finishing the styling, she removed the diffuser to remove all damp spots.

Many Primark fans agree that this cheap device is worth the money, and there is a saying: “I brought it here on Christmas, it’s really amazing, just like you and my hair are really thick. , Work so fast.”

Another added: “I bought this dryer on my birthday on Tuesday and used it last night. It is a game changer. I just brought the ghd dryer but didn’t touch it.”

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