Pre-season All NFC Eastern Conference Teams: Offensive Edition

Pre-season All NFC Eastern Conference Teams: Offensive Edition


At this point in the offseason, the NFL roster has been set, at least in terms of expecting players to have any reasonable impact. So let’s take a look at NFC East and determine who has the best players in each position.

Quarterback: Dak Prescott, cowboy

If we rank quarterbacks across the league, Prescott may be in the range of 8-12, but even if Prescott’s performance is poor, he is in line with other quarterbacks in the NFC East. There is still a considerable gap between. Severe leg injury.

In the four games played in 2020, Prescott averaged 422.5 pass yards per game. In that game, he threw 9 TDs and 3 INTs, of which 3 sprint TDs, almost single-handedly maintained their competitiveness.

Run back: The Giant Saquon Barkley

This is a difficult choice. The supporters of NFC East are very interesting.

• Barkley tore up the ACL at the beginning of last season. The Giants boss recently said: Barkley may not be ready for week 1.

• In the first five seasons of the NFL, Ezekiel Elliott has experienced frequent use, and his speed has slowed down significantly. He is not as energetic as he was at the beginning of his career.

• Miles Sanders is an excellent runner in 2020, but he struggles with pass protection and catching.

• Antonio Gibson has a great rookie season, but I still want to see more.

In the end, if I can choose between more than four guards in a season, I will seize Barkley’s extraordinary talents.

Wide receiver: Amari Cooper, cowboy, Terry McLaurin of WFT, with Kenny Golladay, Giants

Cooper surpassed 1,100 yards in two full seasons in Dallas. He had 725 yards and 6 TDs in 9 games in 2018. He has been there consistently.

McLaurin quickly developed into one of the best receivers in the NFL. Even in bad QB games, he accumulated more than 2,000 receiving yards in the first two years of the league.

Golladay is a high-priced free agent acquisition by the Giants this year. Due to injuries, he missed 11 games in 2020, but in 2019 he had 1,190 yards and led the league with 11 touchdown catches.

Tight end: Dallas Godet, Eagles

I’m here to deliberate on WFT’s Logan Thomas, he is a college quarterback, he turned into a near-end, did nothing for the first four years of his NFL career, and then in 2020 It broke out and caught 72 passes and 6 TDs from 670 yards.

Goldt may still have a better, more complete tight ending, and his 2020 data (46-524-3) has been hurt by injuries and the poor performance of the Hawks.

Dalton Schultz of the cowboys may also be worth mentioning here. Unexpectedly, he performed well in 2020 (63-615-4). I did not consider the throwing machine Evan Engram.

Attack methods: Tyron Smith, cowboy, Ryan Johnson, The Eagles

Both Smith and Johnson are clearly the best offensive methods in the department, even though they both become endurance issues later in their careers. Nevertheless, they are still among the classmates of NFC East.

Internal offensive line: Jason Kelce, Eagles, Zack Martin, cowboy, with WFT Brandon Scherff (Brandon Scherff)

In terms of guards, although Brandon Brooks was better than Shelf and arguably better than Martin the last time we saw him, he has suffered three major injuries in the past three seasons, including a pair of ah. Kiris tore. Also, yes, I realize that Martin and Shelf are both playing RG. It would be foolish to put some ordinary LGs there to replace those guys.

Kelce is still the best center in the department.

Eastern All-NFC Second Team

Quarterback: RFT Fitzpatrick, WFT, what do I guess? what.

Escape: Ezekiel Elliott, cowboy

Wide receivers: CeeDee Lamb, Denim, Darius Slayton, Giants and DeVonta Smith, Eagles

Tight end: Logan Thomas, WFT

Offensive tackles: Lal Collins, Cowboys, Morgan Moses, WFT

Internal OL: Chase Roullier, WFT, Brandon Brooks, Eagles, Connor Williams, Cowboys


team a team Second team All
cowboy 4 4 8
Eagles 3 3 6
World Trade Organization 2 pcs 4 6
giant 2 pcs 1 piece 3

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