Microsoft investigates the relationship between Bill Gates and female employees

Microsoft said on Monday that more than 20 years ago, after Microsoft was informed of the relationship between co-founder Bill Gates and an employee, Microsoft was told in 2019 that he had tried to establish a romantic relationship with that person.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement that Microsoft stated that it received information in the second half of 2019 that Gates “had tried to establish an intimate relationship with company employees in 2000.”

The statement said: “With the assistance of an external law firm, a committee of the committee conducted a thorough investigation. Throughout the investigation, Microsoft provided extensive support to employees who raised this concern.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that Microsoft’s board of directors has determined that Gates’ involvement with the female employee is inappropriate, and quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that he needs to resign in 2020.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on whether the board of directors has decided to resign Gates.

A Gates spokesperson said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal that his decision to leave Microsoft’s board of directors has nothing to do with his involvement with an employee.

The statement said: “About 20 years ago, one thing ended in a friendly way. Bill’s decision to withdraw from the board has nothing to do with this matter.”

“In fact, he has already expressed interest in spending more time on philanthropy since a few years ago.”

A spokesperson for the Gates Foundation told Reuters that it supports the statement in this document.

The billionaire co-founded Microsoft in 1975 and served as its CEO until 2000. He said in March 2020 that he would resign from the board of directors and focus more on charity.

Gates and his wife Melinda filed for divorce After 27 years of marriage, early this month.

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