John McMullen (John McMullen): Jalen Hurts is “Mr. Now’ for the Eagles

Before the start of the rookie mini-training camp last Friday, Nick Sirianni had his first field training among the Hawks freshmen and several first-year and trial players, thus heralding his own career in Philadelphia. Perish.

The legendary Bum Phillips once described the life of a coach in a fairly folklore way: “There are two types of coaches, the DEM that is fired and the DEM that will be fired.”

The era of Jeffrey Lurie can be said to be absolutely certain, and scapegoats have been increasing in recent years, so Ciliani (such as Ray Rhodes, Andy Reid, Chip Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson (before him) will be fired.

The trick is that in a large number of NFC championship games, such as the Lombardi Trophy awarded by Reid or best-case (Pederson to Philadelphia), the shelf life between the two is very long.

Ciliani said: “I am competing for my job.”[Offensive coordinator] Shane [Steichen] Is competing for his job. [Defensive coordinator Jonathan] Gannon is competing for his job. Just like every day, there are many people who want to do what we do in the NFL, right? Therefore, we must compete-we must fight-everyone in the team must fight every day to become better and competitive, and competition is never a bad thing. “

Sirianni’s moments of self-reflection came from a series of questions about Jalen Hurts’ status and the organization’s failure to define a second-year quarterback as a “guy.”

Of course, the elephant in that room is still Deshaun Watson, a true superstar under the shadow of Houston’s ugly sexual assault allegations.

Although Watson has to overcome numerous obstacles anywhere in 2021, the rumors of Watson-Hawks continue to grow, and ESPN’s Dianna Russini is the latest notable national reporter to join this. , Such as Jason La Canfora and Peter King.

“trading [Watson] on the table.They are open to it,” Russini told the Texan on 98.7 ESPN radio. “I stayed on “get up” for three months and said it didn’t happen. […] They changed the pitch. I heard that even just continuing to talk to them, it is still on the table. They have to deal with these lawsuits, and I think this will disappear. Guys, I think it will rekindle this summer, and I think the Eagles may be one of them. “

Sirianni was turned to this idea hastily.

“You know, we didn’t comment on anyone on the other roster, so you know, there was no talk about it,” the rookie head coach said. “We just don’t comment on anyone on the other roster. There really is no reason to go anywhere.”

Since Sirianni cannot do it, we will simplify this process for you. If Watson becomes a reality for the Eagles, then the organization will mix with many other organizations to acquire the former Clemson star.

Whether it is Michael Vick, Riley Cooper, or most recently DeSean Jackson, Lurie has expressed his willingness to provide players with a second chance. The talented endurance NFL formula is also very effective. Watson may be the top five QB in the league, not a reserve force. In the end, the football part of it brought me into one of my favorite stories during my time in Minnesota.

Chester Taylor performed well as early as 2006, hitting a three-pointer, with a record of 1,216 yards and adding more than 40 games. At that time, this position was not needed for the obvious Vikings, but Minnesota chose Adrian Peterson, who was ranked seventh in the 2007 draft.

This problem was obvious to me at the time. “You have a good RB, why don’t you solve other problems?”

[email protected]#$, Chester Taylor,” a personnel director told me at the time.

By the way, the answer is not to shoot Taylor. Minnesota really likes him as a player, but the Vikings believe (and it turns out to be true) that since Jim Brown, Peterson is the best combination of speed and power in the position, and you won’t take the potential Of future Hall of Fame members passed out.

Damage is now in the same position as the Eagles. The organization really liked him as a potential customer, but when Watson was a realistic end game, the four-letter word was eliminated.

That’s just life in a big city. …Life in the NFL.

“You won’t leave this, will you?” Sirianni joked because he continued to be hurt. “…I mean, this is a game in every position. The game is great. The game improves everyone’s entertainment. Everyone’s entertainment. If you come in and there are people competing with you every day, then Will make you better.”

The problem with Sirianni’s “silly laugh” behavior about his QB1 is that the competitive mantra is not true for everyone, so it seems a little hypocritical.

The star in the league and the most entrenched starting QB have not competed year by year, but if you peel the onion a little, the level of competition with the expectation itself is still high, because even in the future, Famer will stop producing each organization’s ” What’s next?”

Sirianni explained: “In my opinion, competition is never a bad thing. Position is irrelevant. It is never a bad thing.” “It needs people, and when you compete, the cream will rise to the highest level.”

As for Hutts, this is a strange change because the Eagles don’t want to select the 2020 second-round pick after four career starts, but the game is overwhelming: veteran reserve Joe Flacco and undrafted Rookie Jamie Newman. More importantly, any statement about “Injury” made in mid-May is meaningless.

If Hutts is named as the starter on Friday and the door opens for Watson, then this won’t stop the Eagles from doing so. Instead, pretending that Flacco has a chance to win the Atlanta week 1 show is a verbal service.

The injury was the Hawks’ first qualifying game until he did not participate.

“With Jaylen, I work hard every day to get better,” the rookie coach said. “We are learning to offense. We are participating in a virtual meeting. We are learning to offense. Jalen has done a very hard job learning offense. I will say that. He is impressive there. He is really good at controlling…Jia Jalen did an excellent job of listening to the dramas taught to him, and he can really giggle what he should do in each drama.

“It will be exciting to play with him and see him working out.”

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