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In 2019, I wrote an article for Al Jazeera. In that article I reiterated that we, the Palestinians in Gaza, had made a choice. I wrote: “We will not die for a slow and shameful death, and at the same time thank our killers and self-deception, who deceived themselves and portrayed slavery as a fait accompli for the occupiers.” Our struggle is non-sectarian. This is the struggle contained in the basic principles of the International Declaration of Human Rights, regardless of how hypocritical Western media try to cover up the truth.

Now, apartheid Israel has decided to launch another murderous bombing campaign against the Gaza Strip, one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. Likewise, the victims include innocent civilians: children, women and men. About 200 Palestinians were killed, including 40 children. On May 15, dozens of Palestinians were massacred in Al Wehda Street in downtown Gaza alone.

The medical staff were not spared either. On May 16, Dr. Ayman Abu Alouf, the director of internal medicine at Al-Shifa Medical Center, was killed along with most of his family.

Israel used American-made F-16 fighter jets to bomb and razed dozens of residential buildings and hundreds of houses.

Ambulance personnel and civil defense personnel have tried for several days to retrieve Palestinians buried in rubble. Some of them used mobile phones to call for help before they finally breathed.

The message is clear to us-Israel is chasing civilians!

Apartheid Israel once again deployed its long-standing Dahiianism-after the 2006 Israeli war in Lebanon, Gadi Eisenkot, the head of the army’s northern division, outlined a blueprint for massacre and destruction.

Eisenkot announced after a 34-day vicious bombing of the Dahiya neighbourhood in Beirut: Everything will happen in every village where Israel was shot…From our point of view, these are not civilian villages, they are military bases.”

In other words, every resident of Gaza, even a big baby, is a legitimate Israeli military target.

The ultimate goal of the Israelis is to force the Palestinians to give in, give up any resistance, and give up any demand for their own land. As the former Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon said in 2002, because of the victory of the Israeli army “[ing] The Palestinians and Arabs realized that “terrorism and violence (read: resistance) will not defeat us”.

Like previous massacres, this time Israel and the Palestinians (the oppressor and the oppressed) are once again regarded as “two sides of the conflict”, and the legal resistance constituted by international law is at the same level as the cruel and illegal occupation. US President Biden said that apartheid Israel has the right to defend itself. The fact that Israel usually has a de facto force, has more firepower, and is the occupant is ignored as usual, as is the obvious difference in the death toll. Biden, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and other Western leaders and their “Arab House” cannot see the humanity of the Palestinians.

Despite all the evidence, they refused to admit that this was an occupation initiated by the settlers’ colonial forces who attempted to racially cleanse the entire indigenous population in order to consolidate and legalize their colonies. What is happening in Gaza is genocide, not “security operations.” However, the Palestinians are required to succumb to slow death, die aimlessly, show no rebellion, and accept that if they die by resistance, it will be their own fault.

The question in the hearts of the Palestinians is: Why was this allowed to happen 27 years after the fall of the apartheid regime in South Africa? We know why Israel is doing this-we are the Goym people who do not want it, and their survival constantly reminds us of the original crime committed in 1948, which is a premeditated crime of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. It is worth mentioning that two-thirds of the residents of Gaza are refugees who are entitled to the right of return under UN General Assembly Resolution 194.

In Gaza, we know that Israel is going to get rid of it, simply because it has never been held responsible for any massacres committed by it. We also know that it will commit more and more serious crimes. The United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League, the so-called “international community” have failed the Palestinian people in general and will continue to do so.

The question is: People who love freedom still need to look at it from the perspective of death and destruction in order to turn words of support into actions? There are hundreds of dead Palestinian children? Neither Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Christians or children of any other religion will see what Palestinian children are seeing now.

The Palestinians will no longer accept orders from the so-called “international community”, and the organization continues to support Israel and cover up its war crimes. In view of the tremendous sacrifices made by our people, any statement that merely improves our conditions of oppression is a betrayal of the Palestinian victims of Israeli war crimes.

We don’t want bread crumbs. We want to return to our lands, and we want to enjoy all our rights to live on these lands in accordance with international law.

Everyone believes in the freedom of all. It is everyone’s moral responsibility to ensure that genocide and apartheid will not happen again.

This is why we now say that boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel are not only the responsibility of civil society organizations, but everyone’s responsibility. This is what all of us can do. We can boycott Israeli products and Israeli institutions, withdraw capital from Israeli companies, and demand sanctions on the Israeli government.

If we do this in unity, then Israel will only begin to reconsider what it has done to the Palestinians.

Gaza may be the spark that sparked the different Palestine between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean in the heart of the Middle East.The current uprisings in Palestinian towns and cities in the West Bank and Israel may be the birth pain of a new reality, characterized by the end of the racist two-state solution and the establishment of a secular democratic state on the land of the inclusive state of Palestine with a long history. South Africa

Let the 2009 Gaza War resemble the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa. The white apartheid police in apartheid fired on unarmed black protesters, triggering a campaign to suppress apartheid. Let the 2021 Gaza Massacre be the beginning of a new, more democratic Middle East, a secular, democratic Palestinian state that will treat all citizens equally, regardless of their religion, race and gender.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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