Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the first five episodes of HBO’s “Love in a Small Town in the East”, please don’t read this article. Just stop what you are doing and continue watching.

In a series of twists and turns, the detective drama played by HBO in the Philadelphia area put new momentum into the fifth episode of “Phantom”, which left a disturbing path for the remaining two episodes.

The actor Evan Peters (Evan Peters) played the fan’s favorite role in the show. At the time, it was county detective Colin Zabel. He was invited to the East Side to assist Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet). Mare Sheehan of Winslet investigates the murder of Erin McMenamin.

As an outsider in Easttown on the show, Zabel’s character gives a certain degree of optimism and cheer, while the people around seem to have none.Even in Zabel’s Viral drunkenness in episode four, His self-loathing feeling is amazing.

When the “phantom” ended and Zabel was suddenly killed by a bullet hit in the head, all this stopped. He and Mare, who was still on administrative leave, found a hint to find a truck that matched the description of the suspect, who was believed to have kidnapped a young sex worker. When they appeared at the suspect’s residence-the two missing girls were locked there-the encounter escalated, Zabel died suddenly, that’s it.

This version is one of the most shocking and puzzling twists in recent television memory. Zabel’s character arc perfectly attracted the audience, embracing his fragile mission to achieve greater fluctuations in life, but in the end he was killed in the best detective work.

In the interview New York Times, Peters discussed how he was “absolutely shocked” when he first read the script of the series, but he became the role based entirely on his knowledge of what was about to happen. He compared it to similar moments in Brad Pitt’s acting career.

I was very excited about the idea of ??being able to make the whole character and make the whole plot, so it was almost like what we did at the time. Knowing that he will die in this way is an interesting way to cultivate a character.

In my opinion, this is very real, and to some extent illustrates the danger of doing this job. This reminds me of the “burning after reading” moment when Brad Pitt was shot in the forehead of the closet – it’s funny, but it’s really shocking. Once it happens, we want to have this feel.

Pitt played the clumsy gymnasium employee Chad Feldheimer in “Burn After Reading”, a role that was completely outside of his troubled blackmail plot . His sudden death is equally shocking, but in the context of a black comedy, its blow is quite different. The death of Zabel, in the context of dramatic punishment, created a heavier emotional reserve-especially after the audience saw him leave his mother’s home earlier in the day.

Peters also talked to The Times about shooting in Philadelphia and how it helped him prepare for his role. In all the roles in the show, Peters represents his own performance in a class because he portrays regular Joe from the Philadelphia area.

First of all, shooting in Philadelphia is really great. It’s always great to be able to photograph the place where the story takes place, because you can go out, eat, meet people, talk to them, learn your accent, and experience your own energy. Cities and towns and truly blend into them. I really don’t like shooting on stage, because it just takes away all the energy of reality. I went to Reading Terminal Market and Tommy DiNic, bought cheese steak and various local delicacies, visited all the delicacies, and really tried the process.

Peters’ efforts on “Mare of Easttown” (Mare of Easttown) are shown, and as the episode ends, he will disappear in the last two episodes.


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